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Subject Merkaba chakras meditation by art. Balance yourself. Preparing body for multidimensional self.
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Original Message I know english just basics so do not blame me for mistakes when reading my story. Most of time i use translator.

Christians plz hold your comments, we all believe in different Things and Religions. Thnx

1. Effects
First i will talk about effects i feeling now.

I had not enough sleep for months! Now i wakeup before alarm.
Not sleeping untill 1-2PM... Now i can go sleep at 2AM and wakeup at 8AM, easy.

Started to feel when anyone want contact me, i take my phone and i get a call seconds later.

Asking question for my self, and i get answers like Yes or No. Not by words but my body reacts when answer is Yes. Feeling like Orgasm, tickles from deep inside me. When i find information i must know, i get Very strong orgasm, instant knowing this is It.

Very very very positive thinking, but very emotional. Im happy, sometimes Tears begin to flow from Joy.

Food is so delicious! Its like all receptors been replaced or i eating first time ever.

Stronger heard sounds.

All changes i found in 2days after transfer.

2. Short story

It worked for me, coz i have been guided by my guides, how it will work for You i realy dont know. But i know i need to share my experience to everybody.

I dont have any knowledge about alchemy, all information and steps ive done come from deep inside me. I just know.

About 3 month before i saw one symbol when searched about dreams symbols. I was directed to the alchemy section. Somehow deeeep covered link i found. [link to www.whats-your-sign.com] i scrolled down page like always and my eye catched Unit/Balance symbol. My inside voice said paint it. So i tried gather all information about this symbol. Weeks later i bought painting equipment. I never painted before, but i find out i have a skill :D Painted few paintings for christmas gifts. And started paint this symbol on big convas. And still not finished, but it was enough for my spirit initiation.

3. Explanation what is all about

I will explain all the information I got from the end, because I got an explanation only when it was done. To you it will be clearer.

Only next day after meditation and information transfer to my body i was guided to explanation wtf happened. I found one link in GLP. Opened it, selected from menu different section, scrolled down page without reading titles and thinking at all. My cursor stoped on one title. "Mastering Alchemy - Sacred Geometry Energy Meditation" BOOM and i know this is IT. This is my answer what happened that night. When i pressed it and page loaded i feeled this deep "orgasm" inside me. So now i post it for you. Watch all 5 parts.

Playlist link: [link to www.youtube.com]

I know its just the begining. More initiations will happen soon.

4. Steps ive done by myself

#0 You Must feel These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms [link to www.in5d.com] this is the sign you ready. And start it ONLY WHEN YOUR INNER VOICE SAY DO IT. Ask for it. Im ready? Listen.

#1 Paint/Draw Unity/Balance symbol [link to www.whats-your-sign.com]
I think for me it was like mission to understand through art what it mean for me.
For you i think will be enough just draw this symbol on paper. You may use colors. Paint, express yourself.
My painting

#2 Meditate with this symbol in front of you. Look to this symbol, untill you feel united with it. Draw it in your mind. Wait. If nothing happaned try to draw it few more times in your mind.
You will receive blueprints/patterns. I got them 2, saw them only for half a second. Fancy looking blueprints :)
My inner voice sed Transfer started. I feeled i need to lie down on bed. Take your time if you cant get blueprints. you will know when you done. You must Believe in it, if not you not ready.
You can use crystals i think it will help for proces.
(I made quick Reiki 10min sens too but i know its not needed at all, needed some how spent time till i waited)
You can try this meditation: [link to www.wolfcreekarts.com]

#3 About ~20min after i heard "Transfer started" you may feel strange noise, and magnetic storm around you. Its like huge fire torn around you or spining tornado. Relax. Your spirit will make all work for you. In moments it loked like body scan through all chakras and all organs one by one. I felt how frequency rising, waves all around me.

#4 Try to sleep its long process. You may have intresting dream. With teachings, keys or etc. Look for details.

Share your experiences.

Good luck and good trip :)
With love, Agnius.

Links everything about merkaba:
[link to www.crystalinks.com]
[link to accnl.tripod.com]
[link to www.keylonticdictionary.org]
[link to www.vallalyaar.com]
[link to 3.bp.blogspot.com]
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