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Subject Knights of Malta rule Blackwater (Xe), the CIA and its “Boy,” US President Obama!!!!!
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Original Message Mulatto Barry Davis Soetoro (alias “Barack Hussein Obama”), the alleged “President of the United States,” is the “House Yo boi, I tink eminem is da bess rappa. He be spitin dat hawt fi'yah” of that White devil in red shoes, Pope Benedict XVI, while serving the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations and its enforcer, the Central Intelligence Agency (“Catholics in Action”). Davis/Obama is the creation of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Roman Catholic Socialist-Communist, a Bilderberger and a CFR/Trilateral Commission member. This wicked sinner not only participated in the Panama Canal giveaway (effective as of 1999) as President Carter’s National Security Adviser, but he also aided in the Order’s creation of mass-murderer Pol Pot of Cambodia, Osama bin Laden (CIA alias “Tim Osman”) and now “Barack Hussein Obama” whose immediate adviser is a White Roman Catholic and Jesuit honoree, Vice President Joe Biden. Yes, Barry is merely “Step-n-fetchit” for “massa” Joe! The Pope’s International White Power Structure in place since the Congress of Vienna (1815) has controlled the American presidency since its assassination of President Lincoln regardless of who may be in office. Resist it, and you will be “JFKd!”

The Black Pope’s Knight of Malta/Masonic International Intelligence Community was perfected during the Pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990). One of its major architects was Hitler’s right-hand man and controller, SS General Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile. Of the 750 corporations he created with Nazi SS loot (while Jesuit Coadjutor Bormann enjoyed the protection of post WWII Argentinian dictator and Knight of Malta Juan Peron), all of them became fronts for the CIA presently directed by Knight of Malta and Jesuit darling, Roman Catholic Leon Panetta connected to the Jesuits of their Santa Clara University. Panetta’s CIA, in turn, is doing business with Knight of Malta Roman Catholic Erik Prince’s Blackwater (Xe), the world’s most powerful mercenary army! This very same pope-serving CIA also created the Pakistani ISI now building a Muslim enemy for US forces to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And guess who went to Pakistan as a CIA operative way back in the 1980s? That’s right, Muslim Barry Davis Soetoro who at that time adapted an Islamic name! The following report by Wayne Madsen illustrates the point while addressing other issues most pertinent to our dark hour. Enjoy!5a
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