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Subject WORD FROM GOD: "Few, VERY FEW will be ready when I come"
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Original Message **EDITED 3/7/13- The video & channel is no longer on YT but the message is STILL RELEVANT!**


I know I needed to hear this. I'm printing it out to read it whenever I need to be reminded when I FALL...


In :cross36: Name

[link to www.youtube.com]

My people, many of you are not ready for My coming. So many of you think you are ready and you are not. You deceive yourselves. Your hearts are not right with Me. There is hidden sin, unforgiveness and spiritual bondage that has not been dealt with. You believe you are exempt from fulfilling that which I require of My bride. You are not exempt, for I am no respector of persons. I am coming for a pure bride without spot, wrinkle, or any other blemish. What do you think this means? I'll tell you what it means: it means I AM coming for only those who have been purified through & through by My refiner's fire, sanctified unto Me alone. I am the One who purifies, but you must submit to My process of purification, no matter the cost. There is no other way! What is My process of purification? Well why don't you come and ask Me? I am waiting to give you the answer, but you must come with an open heart! The truth is, you are afraid to earnestly ask what I require of you. You are afraid of the cost to your flesh. And so you choose to believe you are ready without really seeking Me to learn the Truth of the matter. You dread being shown the state of your wicked heart (for you know deep down it is deceitful above all else).

So you run to others, finding solace in their words. They offer you "sound theology" that tickles your ears and gives you false assurance that you have nothing to fear...that you are safe in My hands...that I won't let anything bad happen to you because you are My child. There is truth in these statements, YES (but remember the devil always uses My truth to spread his lies.) Yes, it is true that you should not fear anything of this world. But there IS "something" you should fear. Did I not warn My disciples to FEAR ME? For I alone have the power to throw a soul into hell! (Luke 12:5) So many of you are controlled by all manner of fears, yet you hold no fear in your heart toward ME, the Creator of the Universe! And yes, it is true that you are safe in My hands--so long as you are living in accordance with My Will. But if you are living in disobedience, do not think that I am holding you safe in My hands! And yes it is true that I protect My children. I am a Good Father! But let me make it clear that I am more concerned about the safety of your soul than the safety of your body; and I WILL allow bad things to happen to you. I will do whatever is necessary to humble you, that your soul may be saved! Do you not realize that pride is sending many of My children to hell? Pride was the fall of Lucifer, originally a glorious archangel close to My heart. Could not pride also be your downfall, if you do not repent of your self-righteousness?

I am entreating each one of you to prepare yourself in all seriousness for My coming. Do not assume you are ready! This is the devil's scheme to make sure that you do not prepare. TODAY is the day to answer My call. When you hear My call and yet you do not respond in prompt repentance and obedience, this tells Me the state of your lukewarm heart. I am very serious when I say that many are called, but few are chosen. Will you be one of the chosen? That depends on you. I give each of My children free will-- to choose Me or deny Me. You say you choose Me, yet with your actions you deny Me- the Sovereign Lord who bought you with My Son's priceless blood! How can it be that you call me 'Lord', yet do not do as I say?

This is the very end of the age. This is it. You are living in the midst of the most serious time ever in the history of this earth. Is it too much to ask My children to deny their flesh long enough to let My refining fires prepare them for My Son? If you say this is too much to ask, then you have made your decision. Much deception shall ensue, even within these next short months. And for those who love not the truth, I shall send a powerful delusion. Believe Me, it will be powerful. And unless you LOVE My truth, you will fall for satan's lie. In My mercy, I will help those who cry out to Me. But it will be hard. It will be very hard. So I'm telling you My children, come to Me NOW while there is still a chance to be ready, to be rescued from all that is about to break loose upon the earth. My judgments are coming, and they are really coming. Judgment Day is set. This is My Day-- the day of Father God. Believe Me, you don't want find out on that day that, in fact, you weren't ready after all. You'd best seek Me now and find out if you're ready!

I hear many of My children praying to be accounted worthy to escape "all these things", yet few do I find who will actually submit to My preparation for them to acheive this goal. They say, "There, I said the prayer Jesus said to pray, so I'm good to go. I'm accounted worthy." Oh My children, how deceived you are. Faith without action is dead. I am coming only for those who have fully surrendered to My Spirit; for only I can do this marvelous work of sancification in a person's heart & life, but ONLY in a willing, obedient vessel.

Listen very carefully and take heed, My beloved children:

Those who quarrel will not be ready.
Those who hold unforgiveness and bitterness in their hearts will not be ready.
Those who have jealousy and envy in their hearts will not be ready.
Those who gossip will not be ready.
Those who love to talk about themselves will not be ready.
Those who know My will yet choose not to do it, will not be ready.
Those who live any other way but BY FAITH will not be ready.
Those who do not live in step with My Spirit will not be ready.
Those who do not fervently seek Me in the secret place will not be ready.
Those who do not consecrate their vessels through much fasting will not be ready.
Few, My children. Very few will be ready.

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