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Original Message Jim Willie source: Finacial system download coming February 21 and March 20

Jim Willie appeared on the TruNews radio show on January 16, 2012. In that interview, he mentioned that a "great, reliable source" gave him a vague comment that some preliminary events would happen on February 20th, followed by the main event, a systems download, on March 20th. The source refused to give more information. Note that in the interview, he says February 20th, but I think he meant to say February 21st.

You can hear Jim Willie say this by downloading the January 16th show at this link. His comment begins at about the 17:30 point in the show. For broader context, start at the 14:20 mark as the question is asked about a Greek default by March 20th.

At the time I thought it was an interesting comment, but was not enough information to really do anything with.

However, now the information is getting a little clearer. On the February 9th TruNews show, the host talked about the January interview some more and then read a portion of Jim Willie's latest Hat Trick Newsletter.

You can listen for yourself, starting at the 2:06 mark. For those unable to listen, here is what the host reads from the newsletter:

Europeans do not see what is coming. Watch for February 21st and then again March 20th, as turning point dates. The United States of America could very well cease to exist in the way you have known it after that date. February 21st is to be a date where this planet will get a fresh new program downloaded. This will mark the beginning of a monumental cleansing process that will not be over until it is done. This will embrace and engulf all and everything and everyone.

Jim Willie describes this source as a "high level source in the global financial system." This is the same source that told Jim Willie about the Lehman Brothers collapse before it happened.

The source also says we might see a bank holiday and/or martial law that will begin with a Greek default by March 2012.

[link to www.goldenjackass.com]
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