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Subject 188 DAY PATTERN of MAJOR QUAKES & ILLUMINATI 322 MARCH 22nd Connected to another date with 223? Webbot Warning, Iran War/Nuke Terrorism?
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Original Message Just when you thought the rabbit hole couldn't go any deeper... for those waiting for 3/22 might not have to wait that long ;))


Can it be that a date in FEBRUARY is somehow connected to MARCH 22nd or another date with 223???

Can it be that a major event is about to occur shortly in the next several days of February or March connected to the infamous Illuminati SKULL AND BONES power number?
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Well, first off, many believe a major headline event and/or a cataclysmic disaster due to a super quake & Tsunami (similar to the JAPAN disaster on 3/11/2011), will occur on or around MARCH 22nd 2012 also expressed as 3/22/2012 and you can find thousands of other links discussing that as well as exposing the satanic occult connections to the Illuminati such as this one: [link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.scoreboard-canada.com]

[link to parabook.wordpress.com]

[link to www.dedroidify.com]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to www.theforbiddenknowledge.com]

For those new to this subject, its one of the most intriguing dates and debates going on right now around the net due to claims about the numerical connection that 3/22 has to a major Illuminati power number/sequence/algorithm 322 and another numerical anomaly thats been discovered allegedly connected to a bizarre PATTERN called the 188 DAY CYCLE that seems to correlate to MAJOR quakes in which 3 out of the 4 IN A ROW, knocked the earth off its axis.

Some initially and actually STILL, incorrectly claim or believe that this 188 pattern was and is somehow and/or only related to the approach or syzygy alignment of the earth and sun with a JOVIAN MASS/HMO (heavy mass object) on a particular orbital path similar to that of the mythological PLANET X or a theoretical/hypothetical BROWN DWARF thats entered our solar system that will allegedly pass near/by earth soon.

[link to terral03.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]

I submit however, that this 188 cycle may in fact either have nothing to do with any alignment of this elusive HMO, or if it did/does, is no longer on that particular path which might have put it within the 188 day cycle/pattern anyways which i've explained in more detail here:

What has yet to be conclusively established beyond a doubt though, is whether this 188 anomaly, is random or follows any trackable, predictable or consistent cycle/pattern. So far, there's been 4 quakes in a row that can be connected or attributed to this latest 188 CYCLE which began on 2/27/11 with the 8.8 quake in CHILE, then the 7.1 quake on 9/4/11 in CHRIST CHURCH, followed by the 9.1 mega quake in JAPAN on 3/11/11, and the last date on 9/16/11 in FIJI that another huge 7.3 mag struck!

Once is luck, twice is interesting, 3 times (JAPAN) shows a PATTERN!! ... and the FOURTH time means you're pretty naive and dumb if you still refuse to even consider the threat and take it more seriously.

One person calculates the chances of this pattern occurring are
364 x 364 x 364 = 48,228,544 or 1 in over 48 MILLION!

If it happens again it will be over 17 Billion!

The NEXT date correlating to this pattern is MARCH 22nd 2012 which just happens to connect to the illuminati skull and bones number 322 ie 3/22 as some interpret.

Which brings me to one of this threads main issues and an interesting connection I haven't seen mentioned yet.

Most who've done in-depth research, will agree that the Illuminati employ cryptic/esoteric codes and occultic numerology in which dates and numbers can be reversed, inverted, averaged, added or compressed to equal or produce algorithmic numerical sequences that correlate to major events or vice versa.

With that said and as it relates to the MARCH 22nd discussion of 322, why hasn't anyone mentioned ANOTHER DATE connected to it??

the REVERSE of 322 & 3/22

OR................. 223 ie 2/23


So is a bizarre or major headline event such as TERRORISM, WAR, a Tragedy/Disaster, and/or even a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE about to occur on or around FEBRUARY 22nd OR 23rd??

The KEY dates that could clearly connect, include 2/21, 2/22 and 2/23 THIS month would they not??

Did I just CRACK an illuminati CODE that connects to an EVENT on or around the 23rd of this month? Or is it perhaps for another month where 223 appears??

If a major Quake, Terrorist event, Tragedy, Disaster, or Death occurs around 2/23, would it be a coincidence?

And was it a coincidence that the Japan disaster happened on the 11th day or exactly HALF of 22 ie (3/22)??

Oh, and what other MAJOR EVENT, just occurred recently on a DATE that was in essence, HALF of 23, or technically 22 many are starting to say was an illuminati sacrifice??

does the number 11 ring a bell??

2/11 ???






could there be any connection? read on to see and lets continue down the rabbit hole shall we??

Are there any significant dates coming up this month said to be connected to the Illuminati that might correlate to this theory about 322 and 223??


George Washington

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
On January 1, 1971, the federal holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This date places it between February 15 and 21, which makes the name "Washington's Birthday" in some sense a misnomer, since it always falls between Washington's Old Style birthday, February 11, and New Style February 22.

Thats pretty interesting imo... February 11th and the 22nd are the days connected to GEORGE WASHINGTONS birthday ?? REALLLLLY?

Thats quite a BIG birthDAY for the Freemasons and probably the Illuminati if you ask me.

OH, and could there be any connection to that BIZARRE event that just occurred on the 11th of this month???? Perhaps another reason for that "sacrifice" as well connected to someone named GEORGE perhaps??? ie the DEATH of KING GEORGE VI??


[link to en.wikipedia.org]

hmmmm ;)

Making it 3 HUGE ANNIVERSARIES this month connected to 2 GEORGE'S and 2 QUEENS AND the 11th DAY

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Reign: 11 December 1936 – 6 February 1952

11th & 6th for KING GEORGE VI


wow! ;)

Any other anniversary events happening in the next few days around this
FEBRUARY 23RD date that also relates to the Illuminati?

well, as a matter of fact... TODAY February 20th 1962, is the 50th ANNIVERSARY that JOHN GLENN became the 5th person in space, the 3rd American in space and the 1st American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7 on the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission, circling the globe 3 times during a flight lasting 4 hours, 55 minutes, and 23 seconds.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

So some interesting dates this week so far on the 20th, & 21st.

which brings us to 2/22/12 & 2/23/12

I​s the number that all big events are connected to, somehow or in some way.
The Knights Templars had only 23 Grand Masters (Jacque de Molay was
the 23rd) 23 is the 1st prime number in which both digits are prime numbers
that add up to a prime number. In the Qabbalistic Tree of Life the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged man Tarot Card.


Is there anything else interesting about February 22nd & 23rd that might connect to 322, 188, and 311 (3/11)???

Well, as a matter of FACT....

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
February 23 is the 54th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 311 days remaining until the end of the year (312 in leap years).


Or Design?

February 23 is the 311 day of year.

But in a LEAP year, that would mean FEBRUARY 22nd is the actual date connected to the 311th day!

which is interesting since 311 would then have an esoteric connection to 3/11 ie JAPAN as it relates to 3/22 (322) or 223 ie >>> FEBRUARY 23 IN THAT CONTEXT, would it not?


not to mention what I've explained about the hidden meaning of 311 ie 113 and TRAGIC events or DISASTER. ;)

OH YEAH! one more thing....

how strange is THIS!??

[link to www.placesaroundflorida.com]

[link to spaceflightnow.com]

its been repeatedly SCRUBBED due to weather supposedly.

[link to www.cfnews13.com]

coincidence it just happens to be set for LAUNCH ON or around FEBRUARY 22nd or 23rd??


[link to www.spaceflightnow.com]

what's the purpose of this mission and whats it carrying?

The rocket’s payload, a Navy satellite which would enhance tactical communications with voice, video and data communications for US forces was set to launch from Pad 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
It was the largest payload ever to be launched on an Atlas
V rocket, weighing 15,000 pounds fully fueled, and is 22 feet tall.
Once in orbit, the satellite will actually become four smaller satellites. The ground crews will establish communications and within 10 days each will be sent to their planned orbits allowing for constant global communication for troops on the ground.



Funn​y the TIMING that its carrying a special COMMUNICATIONS payload right around the time of U.S./ISRAEL WAR PREPARATIONS for an attack on IRAN that will without a doubt lead to a War in which NUCLEAR WEAPONS will be unleashed followed by NUKE TERRORISM in RETALIATION by IRAN/muslim JIHADISTS hitting MAJOR US CITIES which will most likely then lead to MARTIAL LAW, GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON, and COMMUNICATIONS, INTERNET & GRID blackouts that CIVILIANS will no longer be able to use.

But of course i'm sure these NEW MILITARY COMMUNCATIONS payloads will ensure MILITARY continuity now wouldn't it??

Any other connection to this ROCKET named ATLAS this week near an ANNIVERSARY??

Oh yeah, thats right... JOHN GLENN became the 5th person in space, the 3rd American in space and the 1st American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7 on the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission.

what an odd Synchronicity this ATLAS V ROCKET just happens to be launched on and around the ANNIVERSARY of the FAMOUS JOHN GLENN MERCURY ATLAS VI LAUNCH & LANDING back on FEBRUARY 20TH 1962 ? ;)

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

thats what I call one hell of a coincidence!

The bigger question might be then, how and why this launch of an ATLAS military rocket just happened to coincide with the famous anniversary of Mercury Atlas 6.

And whats another MAJOR concern coming in MARch??

Isn't there something about the WEB BOT warning of an INTERNET BLACKOUT or MAJOR EVENT in MARch related to the INTERNET being "RESET" or OFFLINE???

as a matter of fact... check this out:

[link to www.gmanetwork.com]

what are the odds??

but nothing to be concerned about of course. LOL

Thread: WTF! FBI May Shut Down Internet On March 8!!

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

whether or not the webbot has merit or not is irrelevant in terms of the FBI announcement they're resetting the internet?? HUH?

so would any communication glitches in MARch be a coincidence? Or do they know something is going to happen? Or perhaps a cover story??

MARch does look like the MONTH the Illuminati would CHOOSE for such a MAJOR WAR to begin if they're following occultic patterns since MARch in Ancient Mythology, is connected to MARS or the Roman GOD of WAR!


[link to en.wikipedia.org]

but then, using the 322 code of 3/22, MARch would be directly connected to FEBRUARY AS WELL! ie 322 in reverse or 223 (2/23).

So, will the next few days leading up to or on February 23 pass without incident or anything unusual??


but there's sure quite alot of strange yet intriguing numerical synchronicities this month & next to say the least

However, whether or not anything occurs, after 9/11 and with all these HUGE ILLUMINATI dates/connections, I think people not only learned an important LESSON, but ARE now, or at least SHOULD BE, more AWARE of these hidden matrix codes... especially when those who orchestrated 9/11, are the same scumbags about to launch WWIII by attacking IRAN shortly.

In the meantime, for those that want to continue down the rabbit hole, again, here's a full analysis with even more in-depth material on this subject I posted back on the February 9th:


Oh, and last but not least, a shameless bump for a few other threads some might find of interest:

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]



Thread: the ELNIN 9/11 2001 WARNING connected to ELENIN 11/9/11, and the NINth or ELEventh Month??

PS. don't forget its a NEW MOON tomorrow!! ;)

and the time of this moon phase is interesting as well:

2012 Feb 21
TIME: 22:37

now that you know THAT, I highly suggest everyone read THIS:

[link to aquariuschannelings.com]

"...now we have to pull retrograde Mercury and retrograde Pluto into this puzzle. Pluto has been lurking quietly in the background in Capricorn since 2008 and has, in this sign of worldly power, been the silent pot simmering on the back burner, ready to destroy the established world orders. It represents changes that take time, but leaves nothing standing after it passes.

Mercury will go retrograde on March 14th – April 4th. Many people believe this to be a time when technology fails us, and communication systems break down, but this time it will not be so simple, as these are strange and unusual times.

The curtain actually goes up at or about the time of February’s New Moon on the 21st of this month. We have a strange zodiac on this day.

On this New Moon, the planets line themselves up to demonstrate a very unsympathetic set of aspects to poor Pluto, who’s just about to go retrograde anyway, and in this way, create stronger opposition to this planet. As the planets move away from the New Moon, the 90 degree angles will come to completion, and the strain will be felt very strongly, both by the society who wants freedom, and those who want to keep them in prison. After this new Moon, we will experience a quickening of events, in relation to governmental and financial destruction."

now tell me that all these synchronicities are just a coincidence

Something BIG is about to happen... a BIG Quake 6.6+ to 7+ possibly as high as an 8 in the next few days I say is an almost guaranteed event... watch.. and you heard it here first. ;)) high alert for California, Chile/Peru, Mexico, Central America, DR, NZ, FIJI,. Indonesia Sumatra/PNG & Japan South east region.

so everything seems to be ALIGNING (no pun intended) by what appears to be intelligent design.

the question is, will it be this month or next.

but at least now people know what to look for down this rabbit hole

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