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Subject THE TRUTH about the "Ancient Astronaut Theory" and Ancient Aliens TV Show AGENDA!
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Original Message I have watched most of Season 1 of the show Ancient Aliens on Netflix streaming service.

The things I got out of it, are very scary.

My dad, who does not really like conspiracy theories and thinks the general sheep conclusions about them, watched all of season 1 and some of season 2 of Ancient Aliens. From conversation manipulation and social engineering him, I have figured out that he is pretty much convinced that there is something to the theories, and that religion might be a false aspect or social construct of many societies.

Me, and my family, are Christians... I seem to be the only one that tries to follow the "true" path of it out of my family...

The Bible is correct, and everyone can read it and compare the book of Revelations to current events. I wholeheartedly believe that God is real, and that many people are confused by propaganda when it comes to religion.

The new world order is mentioned in the Bible, the RFID Chip (mark of the beast) that will be pushed on us (it already is in pets and soon welfare recipients) and the totalitarian government will come sooner or later.

Now, back to Ancient Aliens and the Ancient Astronaut theory.

Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that many things on earth were engineered or helped along by aliens. I honestly have wondered many times if they are right, because there are so many things on earth that are so unexplained, and impossible. (The pyramids, monolithic structures, etc)

However, the Bible warns against this. And I, among several others of this forum, (Lisa*Lisa, John 3:16ME, a few others) have come to a conclusion:

The elite will USE aliens to cull the masses, when the earth is at rock bottom they will USE alien invasion to make everyone afraid. The aliens will be very powerful, and they will demand things of us. They will entice everyone with "new technology" (the elite may already have this) If you do not follow the aliens, people will view you as a DANGEROUS PERSON (terrorist) because they believe that if you mess up, the aliens will destroy the earth or hurt a lot of people. The aliens will also bring about the new world order, they will tell us how to think and act and maybe claim that they created us, undermining God and putting the nail in the coffin of this earth.

Take a look at this excerpt from Ancient Aliens:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Watch from 0:01 to 1:05
What it is saying there, is EXACTLY what the elite need. It is 100%, EXACTLY, SPOT ON, what they need.

Alien invasion hoax, is the PERFECT finale false flag event that will concrete the new world order and anti Christ.

Do more of your own research on the topic, I have only included some things! I encourage everyone to read the Bible, especially the prophetical future events that are to happen to the earth and humanity.

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