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Subject My Grandfather was a 32nd Degree Mason...and revealed ALL to me...
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Original Message I posted this in another thread, but I believe it to be thread worthy...Ask away if you want to....

Actually he revealed all to me as he died at 67 in the hospital bed. This is all we discussed for 2 days. he revealed the truth....the truth too simple for all to understand....I know the truth....

The truth is....that only a few Freemason chapters hold the key to this Illumanatti crap...these chapters are hidden within "the whole" of masons...What that means is that freemasonry is compartmentalized within chapters, so one chapter does not really know what the other chapters are doing....

The "illumanatti" type of guys are invited to join the "hidden chapters" where all the weirdo gay, blackmailing, political, international, dealing, ruling goes on.... most of the other chapters in America are agerage losers wanting to be a part of something. All members within chapters are cuttthroat, gossiping, losers fighting for power within the ranks....

The truth is that the "Illumanatti" have hidden their fraternal order within the guise of thousands of other chapters that are nameless, faceless entities, so we can spend eternity looking for answers, and being misdirected by people who think they know what is going on, but dont, directly within the organization itself.....

This should not be confusing....Consider the Illumanatti Freemasons as a secret society within Freemasondry...without Freemasondry even knowing it exists within itself....Simple military diversion tactic....Wrap it in Christian values, build legitimate chapters spreading far and wide, and noone knows what the fuck is going on except the select few with access to the "bat phone"...get it???

This is the truth of Freemasondry, and why NOONe will ever come on here and tell us a thing.....because if you know anything worth knowing, then you realize you are better than us, and we dont deserve to know the "knowledge"....

my grandfather did not believe in the Bible. My grandfather thought Christianity was for fools, My grandfather believed Lucifer to be the bearer of Light. My grandfather thought he knew a "secret" about God, and that everyone else was weak for not knowing the truth.

my grandfather thought the earth has existed through 5 earth cycles, and that ancient man has risen and fallen 5 times, and has achieved space/cosmos travel multiple times, and the earth has cleanses itself numerous times, and cavemen were just the first out the hole after armageddon, each time. he believed that all that is to be learned, has already been taught, and that ALL knowledge is handed down, and not learnt.

my grandfather was a 32nd degree mason.
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