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Subject March 7th (Purim) start of Mid East War
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Original Message It seems all recent wars have started at the beginning of Purim, the day when the jewish people celebrate their slaughter of others. So it should come as no surprise that the Biblical Mid East War where iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza will be attacked shall again be on Purim. It starts this year on March 7th, at dusk and lasts until evening of March 8th.

The mental ascent P.R. media has long been focused on making people support this war as a necessity, so the timing is right as the dark side knows when they have been given permission by the Lord to act.... and they will because they do want the whole world and not just the Mid East, West or East, but ALL...a one world government.

The war will escalate and be rather severe even in Israel, as innocent people like always will suffer and die on BOTH SIDES.

Yet because of the severity the Prince of the COVENANT shall arise and give the agreed solution encapsulated into the COVENANT OF DANIEL...a military, economic, religious accord that unites the ten signees into the seventh world government....and they WILL SIGN.

This so that by May 25th, the jewish priesthood can start their sacrifing before the designated area on the Temple Mount.

This sign post meaning we are well into the Last 7 Years of Daniel and all the timeframes of the Lord will have been confirmated and validated.

I'll give the hypers as soon as my hypers do not automatically get changed and invalidated HERE. Please work on this moderators, so that what I give as a web address stays that way rather than getting changed. Thanks
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