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Subject I DONT WANT to die in vain....:(
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Original Message our universe is calling for us to take part.

Army is NOT power of one.

This is the time of now..this is the time of change.

Dont you feel it? Dont you feel that something is changed..your dreams..they're different now...the way you percieve this life..its different , now.

There can be no side-line sitters..this is real.

YOu will either be IN the game..or you will be one of the ones that die...it's that simple..

I dont mean to be harsh on that..but thats how it is..

Life is too important to waste on your wishy-washy shit..do you know..that the human race is at risk here?

Do you care that your children/grandchildren are the ones that have to grow up in this world when you're gone?

Even if you dont have children...are you sympathetic to carrying on our race?

Do you even KNOW what's going on around you?

We have vehicles to traverse space..but we cant afford to fuel them because these asshole have made it too expensive...eck..wrong answer!

We should have safe, wholesome food to eat...but these assholes have made our seeds and food UNSAFE to eat..girls are maturing too early, boys are growing boobs!..ECK..wrong answer!

There is war..and rumors of war across this entire planet....at any moment..we could be at war..again...tired of it? SO am i...they want us at odds..its easier to control a population that is weary of war.....this is how they get to us...

Please think...please KNOW..that it's up to us to change this...we can NOT rely on others...we ARE The others...its up to us..we are the change...we are the soldiers of today.

It's time to take back our planet...

It's time to take back our lives...

It's time to tell them to go to hell.
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