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Subject SILVERHAWK Medicine Lodge - Ancient History, the Cosmos, Divine Empowerment & Prophesy Tour
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Original Message I first discovered the works of Michael Silverhawk as he was featured three times in the Phoenix Journals. I was inspired by his articles, the message he gives, and by his insight and knowledge. Later, I discovered that he has a book out called "The Drifters Trilogy" which I have now read. Excellent adventure book, fictionalized reality. He covers ancient history, many of today's conspiracies and understanding of the new beginning of the new era.

He is now coming out and making guest appearances giving various radio interviews of which you can find two of them on his website. I will be sponsoring him on GLP voice chat.

Silverhawk speaks a whole lot of straight up truth.

Some of the topics he discusses on his website:

[link to www.drifterworld.org]
* John The Divine in Revelations then, and now
* Akhenaton in Egypt
* Archangel Atonel who became Antiel who became Lucifer
* Star of Melchizedek became the Star of David


As Jonathan Ladd, retired Navel Intellegence commando battles the “Beast” in order to stop planetary genocide from the secret undergound military Deep Cover project, he finds himself in an ancient underground complex and then magically transported a thousand years into to the future earth and mankind. It is glorious beyond imagination. The people have all become Gods and Goddesses with full spiritual powers. Johnny meets the great master Sananda and God Himself as his true destiny then unfolds and the battle takes on unimaginable dimensions when he finally returns to his own time. However, now he has his long lost true love Johanna by his side, having rescued her from the evil Max Draco. In this future the “final battle” of the Beast is finally won.

In book two the new Earth Assemblage is created with the help of an ancient shaman named White Eagle and his band of immortal shaman. This paves the way for the higher light to emerge on earth. We also meet the hidden power behind the hidden hands of the power elite of the planet. An ancient alien race has been behind the scenes all the while. They are finally defeated by the Galactic Federation intervention and Commander Georgeos Ceres Hattonn of the Pleaidian command along with the ascended master Sananda.

In book three the battle continues with the intractible Max Draco and his underground forces, however, our band of heroes overcomes all of their tactics and wins the alligence of the power elite as well. Finally an underground revolution is accomplished and the final Divine Triumph attained. The new Golden Age finally dawns into our awesome future.

Here are three of his other works that were published in the Phoenix Journals to read. Enjoy.


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Silverhawk Daily Discourse Series
[link to www.drifterworld.org]
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