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Subject The Bible as Astrology
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Original Message So hopefully Apollo Illuminati will pipe in here. I've decided to look into the concept of the bible as Astrology. I think it's a massive rabbit hole, and although I'm deeply intimidated by it (since I think it's so extensive), I've decided to dive right in.

For now, I'll mention the ones that I know about already (most of them are obvious), and go from there:

12 disciples = zodiac signs

This one is interesting with the 'resurrection' of Opheuchis... since that then adds the virgo mary to the pile, and you have 13!

The son = the Sun

Another obvious one, yet it wouldn't hold up all by itself. However, there are various things that begin to lend credence to this, as we'll get into.

The cross = Northern Cross? (Southern? I don't recall, lol)

The Sun dies on the 'cross' constellation, right around the time that the 'son' is supposed to have died on the cross.

The water bearer = end of the age

The worship of the 'son' will end at the end of the piscean age... when "you see a man go into the temple bearing a pitcher of water", then you will know it is the end of the age and the return of the 'sun' will begin.

-- Note: This may actually have more bearing than we realize. I will look into tomorrow, but there's now some evidence that we're actually a binary star system with Sirius, and it has 'turned' and is coming back towards us. I'll try to find the article I read about this. Something about it no longer being a red star, but now a blue star (or vice versa).

Anyway, I will look more into this tomorrow. But if anyone wants to add to the ways in which the bible's stories correlate to Astrology, I thank you ahead of time.
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