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Subject The Ides of March, the Conjunction and Caesar - what does it mean for us NOW?
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Original Message Not only have Venus and Jupiter been in a jaw-dropping conjunction, but Mars is at it's closest and in opposition at the SAME TIME. Last night you could see Venus and Jupiter shining side-by-side at dusk in the West, with Mars directly across from them in the East, mirroring their movement. (As a caveat, it was also interesting that just after sunset if you drew a line straight up from both planets, the Pleiades were smack dab in the middle above them. The "Seven Sisters" or what some believe to be the Seven Angels of the Seven Churches spoke of in the Bible, seemed to be featured prominently as well.)

Venus is considered in ancient Hebrew astronomy to represent Jesus, and also Jupiter, the "King" Planet to represent Jesus royal authority. Mars of course is the planet of war. This conjunction will feature prominently in our sky until the 15th, or the Ides of March.

Best known to us from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, the historian Plutarch records that Caesar really WAS killed on the Ides and that a "seer" warned him about it first.

Julius Caesar was a former high priest of Jupiter who had also claimed to be a direct descendent of Venus. Interesting yet? Did you also know that Caesar had held a special place in the hearts of the Jewish People? Caesar’s biographer, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, recorded that after Caesars murder - "At the height of the public grief a throng of foreigners went about lamenting each after the fashion of his country, above all the jewish people, who even flocked to the place for several successive nights."

Why did the Jewish people love Caesar?

Hyrcanus, Judea’s high priest, had allied himself with Caesar against Pompey. The Jewish people were suffering under Pompey's harsh decrees and high taxes. Hycranus committed thousands of Jewish Soldiers to Caesar' Alexandrian War and helped Caesar win that Civil War. Caesar would never forget this. Caesar revoked Pompey’s decrees and taxes, and allowed the walls and fortifications of Jerusalem to be rebuilt. He also restored Jewish rule to Jaffa and a number of other coastal cities.

So, what WILL happen on the Ides of March this year? Is this conjunction and Mars opposition a sign in the sky to warn of something? Don't we have all the unnatural weather, earthquakes and odd happenings that were warning people of Caesar's fate? Do we not have all the same oddities in place now?

:The Thinker:
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