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Original Message Illuminati Manipulates Presidential Election Towards Romney Obama
January 25, 2012
By J. Michael Warner
Illuminati Manipulates 2012 Presidential Election
The New World Order Elites, the minions of the Illuminati, have been manipulating the 2012 President elections towards an Obama/Romney race. Why exactly the Illuminati want to have President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney face off against each other is something of a mystery to me. The only reason I can think of is that either one will do pretty much the same job as the other, which is the bidding of their Illuminati masters.

Pelosi Threatens Gingrich from The Drudge Report

The latest person to surge in the Republican Primaries is Newt Gingrich an Illuminati New World Order elite that has basically destroyed his own political career. Mitt Romney has nothing to fear from Newt Gingrich as he is an unacceptable candidate to most conservative voters. The Illuminati controlled media merely props up Newt Gingrich as a possible alternative to Mitt Romney.

If you think about it, all we have heard from the presstitutes in the main stream media for the last couple of years is “Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee”. A lot of effort has gone into manipulating Republican voters into believing that Mitt Romney is the best choice for President. The biggest hurdle in this manipulation is not even what most people will think. Most think that since Obamacare was a Mitt Romney design for state run health care, that is the primary hurdle in making Mitt Romney President. That is actually a distraction and a minor hurdle. The real elephant in the room is the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. This is actually a bigger hurdle for most main stream Christian voters than it was for John F. Kennedy who was a Catholic. Christians did not question the faith of Catholicism, the big worry Christian voters had in giving their vote to John F. Kennedy was in the question as to where Kennedy’s loyalties would lie. Would Kennedy be loyal to the Catholic Church or the U.S. Constitution. The problem main stream Christians have with Mitt Romney is that they have been taught that the Mormon religion is a cult.

Glenn Beck Illuminati Pawn Makes Mormons Acceptable To Christians
10 years ago Glenn Beck was a comedian talk show host who also happened to have just converted to the Mormon religion. Initially the only time Glenn Beck talked about politics was if some major event was going on or a major election cycle was in progress. The main gist of the Glenn Beck act back then was to make fun of and ridicule everything from foreigners to the handicapped. Not very tasteful, very juvenile. In 2006 as Glenn Beck went through a transformation becoming more political, he was given a TV show at CNN. The Glenn Beck shows on radio and TV took Beck through a transformation from comedian to conservative political pundit. In 2008 Beck announced that he was moving his act to the Fox News Channel. This was supposed to be more in alignment with his political leanings.

I believe that this period of Glenn Becks life, from 2006-2010 was manipulated by the Illuminati in order to get American Republicans to become comfortable with a famous political Mormon. The Illuminati made Glenn Beck famous in order to make their man, Mitt Romney an acceptable Presidential candidate. After four years of watching Glenn Beck crying, talking about Jesus and politics, the Illuminati believed that they had conditioned enough conservative Christians into thinking a Mormon was just like them and acceptable in political leadership positions like the President.

As for Glenn Beck himself, I believe that he became uncontrollable and that is why he lost his show at Fox News. To much connecting the dots on the conspiracy theory shows. The Illuminati can manipulate events and people, but in the case of an Illuminati operative like Beck, in which the operative does not understand they are being manipulated, the operative can end up going in direction that the leaders of the conspiracy do not want. In Becks case this meant the Illuminati had to remove him from TV. Until or unless the Illuminati decide that Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church are no longer of use, they can not entirely get rid of Glenn Beck. If they remove Glenn Beck entirely from the limelight and disgrace him, they will destroy their work in making Mormons acceptable. Look for Beck to become less useful and to disappear from public activities over the next 4 years.

Mitt Romney Acceptable Mormon Illuminati Power Player
A lot of work has gone into putting Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican ticket for 2012. It looks like the Illuminati have special plans for Romney. Hard to tell just yet if they are finished with Barack Obama or if they are merely hedging their bets and insuring that whomever the American people vote for, an Illuminati controlled politician will assume the Presidency.

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