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Subject LOL SERIOUSLY??? That's how NASA shills "debunked" the Alien Moon Base photo of Ames Research Center?
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Original Message It's unfuckingbelievable!!!! NASA shills have absolutely NO limits for bullshitting people. They just faked an email of Anthony Colaprete from Ames Research Center, as if he'd answered a direct question about that photo of the structure in the Cabeus crater, which already is viral all over the net.
I came across with the fake email in another forum, and so there it is. Don't ask me for links:

From: Colaprete, Anthony (ARC-SST)
To: me
Date: 3/16/2012 12:23:11 AM
Subject: RE: Please solve a mystery

Hi Edward,

Sorry for the slow reply, I have been in a workshop the last couple days and am way behind on email.

First off, the image isn’t staged! It was taken during the final descent of the Centaur stage to the moon. Kim and I (and another person behind us) are in the Science Operations Center (SOC) for LCROSS. What Kim and I are looking at are displays of our instrument data (cameras, spectrometers, etc….several of the camera feeds we streamed real-time to the web during the mission). The image of interest is a simulation of the moon’s surface generated from a digital elevation model and illumination models. It was made prior to the impact of the Centaur with the same lighting conditions as those at the day/time of impact. We knew where we wanted to impact (based on our expectation of the most likely location of hydrogen/water), but there was some uncertainty as to exactly where we would actually impact. We had a number of observatories on the ground (for example in Hawaii) trying to look for the impact plume (most didn’t see it, but some did) and we wanted to be able to tell the observatories if they needed to adjust their pointing based on the actual impact location. To do this we placed a grid on the image and provided the same grid to the observatories (in the perspective they would see it from on the ground). At the time of impact flash or plume detection in our cameras I was to identify the grid point and call it out to the person behind me (the person behind me was in direct communication with all the ground observatories, coordinating that part of the observation)…sort of like calling out a letter/number in bingo. The image with grid and the one corresponding to the view as seen from Hawaii on that night is attached to this email.

So, no it is not a base, but rather just a reference grid, and that watch has since broken, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I hope this helps.

 Quoting: The Shrike

The OP of this reply claims that Colaprete sent him two annexed images of what they want people believing, that's actually what is seen in that photo:

[link to imageupper.com]
[link to imageupper.com]

WTF?? Seriously?? NASA shills REALLY think that people are THAT stupid or blind?? These fuckers have the balls to say that this 2D grid is what we're seeing in that pic??

[link to imageupper.com]

And how do I know the email is fake?? The OP didn't post ANY screenshot of his email client, nor Colaprete's NASA email, which btw is for public contact.

And take a look at how he signed the response: "Tony"... Seriously, "Tony"??? A high-qualified NASA scientist, signing an email for a complete stranger as "Tony" and without adding his professional title??? Riiiight...

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