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Subject The Little Birdies DOOM Tipping Point is NOW!!! When is yours?
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Original Message Another Member suggested making this a separate tread from page 68 of "A little Birdie told me..." and I agree, I think it's an important conversation to have amongst (mostly) intelligent minds!

Here is what I wrote:
I really hate to admit this, but maybe others will too and we will start to act, if not just for these warnings but all the ones that the.gov has been running on primetime tv. Well as for my admission, I have a good amount of shtf money, it's invested but not really doing anything though, 10k in an IRA earning 0% and 10k in GE Stock, never even check to see what it's doing. The only reason I haven't cashed these in and started "supplying" is I am waiting for that "one" event. I've followed OP's thread since it was just a little chick and I told myself (even before the thread) that Israel and Iran were going to be the tipping point for me. My better judgment says to get the liquid the money now and start preparing...but then I go back the my "tipping point." So my question to all of you who have followed this and haven't done anything but start "planning" in your head, what is your tipping point? *not looking for a lecture from doomsday preppers that say we're already f*ked, this is more for those who know they need to get ready for something. One of the things I have been considering is that I would have zero concept of making preps, etc. if not for sites like this, one of my main concerns is that there will be a collective consciousness to pull money out of investments, once this trend goes mainstream, we got the great depression II. ok, ok, rant off for now, just wanted to air that out there.
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