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Subject How I fuck SMOKING HOT women.. You guys will not believe this shit!
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Original Message First off, this is a long post, and let me start by saying this is a real story. All true! It makes me LMFAO so I figured I'd post it. This is the best thing you'll read all weekend, well at least for the male GLPers. Warning - NO DOOM HERE!

I live in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale actually, which is basically a gay mecca of sorts. There's a little town here called Wilton Manors, it's the epicenter of everything gay and it's nickname among locals is the "gayborhood". It's packed with gay bars, and every kind of sexuality you could imagine, from gay to lesbian and everything in between. Tranny's and all that too.

So I go out sometimes with my gay neighbor and we hit up the gay clubs and bars. Well, let me tell you, the majority is gay men, but there's also a SHITLOAD of gorgeous straight girls. These girls are here for multiple reasons - they like the atmosphere, they enjoy the company of gay men, they enjoy NOT being hit on by every other guy they see, etc. etc...

Now, some of these girls come in groups, some of them come with their gay brother, friend, room mate, etc. Point is, once they start getting buzzed, they see all these "hot guys". But the problem is that the guys are gay and give them no attention. Sometimes, these girls end up wanting that attention as the night goes on, even if they originally went there to avoid being hit on. But I'll get back to that in a second.

So, what I do (and I typically wouldn't do this with the hottest girls at a normal bar) is chill, walk around and shoot the shit with people.. Usually just talk with my gay buddy and a couple of his friends in a high traffic area of the club (near the bar). When I see a girl (or girls) that are super pretty and/or that I find highly attractive, I walk up to them, regardless of what they're doing, who they're talking to, and I interrupt them with one of these exact lines:

"Oh my god! I'm like really really gay, but I have to tell you that you are absolutely fucking beautiful! Wow, you are like the prettiest girl(s) here, by far!"


"Hey come here! You know, obviously I'm gay... But I saw you and I just had to tell you how unbelievably stunning you are! Absolutely the most beautiful fucking girl here and if I was straight you'd be in serious trouble hun!


Hey, I am like sooooooo gay, but I had to tell you that you are flawless, drop dead gorgeous, and one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, seriously!

Okay.. So, here's what happens.. They blush like crazy and their eyes light up as they drop the biggest smile you've ever seen in your life. They tun into putty in my hands and they don't even know it.


Because they absolutely LOVE the fact that a man, who they think has absolutely NO SEXUAL ATTRACTION to them just approached them out of nowhere to tell them how very confident he was that they are the prettiest girl ever.

So now I have them totally tricked. They truly are some very beautiful women, but they have no idea what's going on. They don't understand that I have tricked them, psychologically with a little white lie of being gay.
(The only reason this works so well is specifically because they think I am gay).

So next, I drop another BS line or two, give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes I even make some small talk and request jokingly that "we should hang out because I need to be around beautiful girls and have beautiful friends".. They love it. Anyways, then I just go on my way.

NOW - here's the good part!!!! I keep an eye on those girls, and after about 30 minutes, I somehow approach or bump into them again and say "Oh my god it's the supermodel again! Look how sexy she is, my god!" They instantly smile again, remembering who I am from earlier. They are 110% comfortable with me because supposedly I'm the gay guy who gave them the compliment that made their day - because they trust gay men's taste.. and that's when I start to spark a conversation with them. I say "come here girl, talk to me" which they NEVER refuse, because they don't think I have any alterior motive. I ask them questions about their job, who they're here with, etc.. This goes on for about two to five minutes.. I compliment them and make them laugh within this period, and THEN I slip in this:

"Yeah I'm just here with my friends, I'm actually not gay, I just said I was because I didn't know how to get your attention in this busy place and I didn't think you'd believe me about how beautiful you are if you thought I was straight."

At this point they're like, "OMG, are you serious!!!" They smile huge, usually hit me in the shoulder or poke me or something silly like that, because I had them fooled. They usually say "yeah you know, you don't look very gay actually".. This is because they realize I'm not. And if I hadn't told them I was gay in the first sentence, they would probably have assumed I'm straight. But since I told them I was, they totally believe me. Why wouldn't they? We're in a fucking gay bar!!

Now, they not only appreciate the fact that I'm smooth enough to trick them, but they think I'm fucking hilarious and quite clever for doing so. While they are now instantly attracted to me for this factor alone, they still hold onto the appreciation from me telling them how gorgeous they were - but wait - they still relate it to me being gay - so somehow I instantly have wayyyyyyyyy more sex appeal to them than I could ever have without using this technique, or just being a straight guy. ANything I tell them now has extra merit, because in their mind, I'm a trustworthy gay guy, even though they KNOW I'M NOT GAY BECAUSE I JUST TOLD THEM SO!

It's absolutely fucking amazing, the psychology behind this.

Now I'm a bit of a smooth talker, and I'd have to be to devise this shit.. But I'm not the hottest guy around. I'm confident and attractive, and do pretty well with the opposite sex. But let me just say, I do WAYYYYYYYYYY better with this technique, and I have had more amazing sex with absolutely BEAUTIFUL girls in the past year than in the 5 prior years put together. Not to mention, the caliber of these women are top notch, because I specifically pick out the hottest ones to use this on.

It's also VERY easy to approach the most beautiful girl in a club when your first line defines you as gay, releasing any and all pressure from any akward situation that can be encountered from trying to pick up a girl who's that hot if she thinks you're straight.

It's un-fucking-believeable, but it works, it worked last night and I'm going out again tonight.

I don't know, I just had to share this with you guys. Think I'm pathetic, stupid, a liar, a scumbag, whatever, it doesn't matter to me because the bottom line is that I get the best pussy, always.. ALWAYS. Girls that are way too hot for me to be fucking. And they love me! Hahahahaha.. And I love them. :)

Beautiful story huh? Anyone else use this or ever tried it??? Okay, let the comments flow!!
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