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Subject Drake, Cobra, etc. : The Anti-Cabal Action Plan
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Original Message Hi everyone.
I am new here, but I decided to join after a saw a reference to something I posted on YouTube.

One of the other thread here had a tiny excerpt of my notes from the Wilcock/Drake interview - where I referred to the Anti-Cabal Action Plan (ACAP).

This small excerpt was originally posted in the YouTube Comments section here:
[link to www.youtube.com]

I thought that it might be useful to post all the Notes in one place, so that people could find the whole Action Plan more easily. So here it is:

+ Collect evidence of bad behavior in high places (done, over decades)

+ Get international legal clearance for an action where US Federal Marshals would make arrests, supported by "white hats" from the US Military, but without the direct action of the military (done)

+ Prior to action being taken, there will be a Warning flashed 24 hours ahead (imminent?)

+ The "bad guys" will be arrested and put into the Fema Camps. Ironically, they had built these to house ordinary people during a planned NWO takeover, but now they may find themselves on extending "camping holidays" in the very place. (Planned)

+ Use the media to educate people about what is happening and why, using the web, AM radio, and other mainstream media where possible. (Planned. CD's which could pre-empt 5 days of normal programming have been prepared, and are ready for use. It is planned to have a single channel whose only programming is new information, to reveal the actual history of the Dark Cabal's attempts to run the world.)

+ If there is resistance, or non-acceptance, then a "show of power" will be done. This might be something like Switching Off Power across the country for 15 minutes, which was shown in the film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. (Planned, but without specifics or specific dates.)

+ Make an announcement from the White House of what is happening and why (Possible, but requires the support of President Obama, or a replacement.)

+ Much of the current mainstream media, and its figureheads will be replaced with new sources reporting real news, not celebrity porn, and programming.

+ Put in plan new leadership, and new institutions to replace those previously under control of the Cabal. (Planned)

+ There may be some sort of "truth and reconcilation" effort (ala Nelson Mandela's program in South Africa) where those who were involved, but reluctant participants rather than leaders, will be allowed to tell their stories about what was really going on, and gain some measure of redemption. (Planned)

+ Any executions (and there may be some) will happen in the context of evidence presented through the Truth and Reconciliation movement. (Planned)

Beyond these steps, the plan is sketchy.

Drake's website : [link to freedomreigns.us]
=== ===

What do people think: How realistic is this plan? What is missing? Where is it mostly likely to work, or breakdown?
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