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Subject GLP's very first 'Thread Trailer'!! - The Monster "GOJILLA" Four Part thread coming soon!
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Original Message This may very well be the very first 'Thread Trailler' on GLP!

COMING SOON:------->>>>>

Four Part Serial thread.
Coming this week.

Each part examines a particular aspect of the subject.
Each are interconnected.

PART I will be posted first.
PART II will deal with an associated topic.
PART III will deal with incoming events associated with the topic, either in the near future, or the soon to be world future.
& in
PART IV , we reach a MIND BLOWING conclusion, and the resultant synthesis of this conclusion!
(this is semi-speculative, but something tells me its what is out there)

Each part will be karma pinned for a day, and later pins will depend on the amount of focus the GLP collective will give it.

The reason for the FOUR PARTS is that the average GLP'er does not dive past the third page of any thread.
I want this message to reach out and be easily accessible, to a person with a low attention span.
Even if the germ of the idea is planted, it can make them think, re-evaluate their realities, and point them to further research.

Here's a hint of what the thread's about:>>

Research is an amazing thing. Especially if you have an inquisitive mind. Once on your way , the facts start to click into place.

Heres a hint and a clue
It only forms a small part of the topic of the thread:

Subliminals were being used much before you & I were born.
In the following video, note two things.
The color on the Roman officers dreass,
the line that goes across his sleeves and skirt.

You can also see the rest of humanity , including you , me, the rest of the world in front of the officer.

Watch in full screen, and put your speakers up loud for max effect.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Peace on Earth!!!
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