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Subject PART 1: NWO MIND KONTROL: How a mind controlled Sex Slave works ( UPDATED )
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************************** < PART 1 > **************************

(Bookmark this thread, and come back later if you don't have the time.)

Click on this image, and see if you can notice what the common factor is, in the five screen-shots of the movies shown.
You need to have seen all five movies in order to understand.
(If you haven't, advise you to see the 5 movies and then come back.)


[link to www.pixhost.org]

Notice anything??

How about this movie poster of SURROGATES? It can give you a clue.
Hollywood never came more closer than this in putting the answer in front of your face!!

[link to www.pixhost.org]

Notice anything?

Here, let me help you with a hint.
Look again, this time, at the bottom:
I cropped it for you, so you can focus better:
[link to www.pixhost.org]


The answer is below, so dont look until you get it.
I prefer you don't peep, cos that will sharpen your senses.

Give it a try if you still haven't got it.



Here's the answer:
[link to www.pixhost.org]

Hold on to that, we'll come back to it.......

One more question:

What were you doing in 1953??

Well back then they had this chip, which they could implant in a bull's brain,
and they could stop a charging bull within inches of you. Just by controlling the chip!
Here's the video of the experiment in the late 50's:
Note the bull suddenly changes mind @ 0:30

[link to www.youtube.com]

more here:
[link to peacepink.ning.com]

One more video of the same. This is a better video, and longer too:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Lastly , take a look at this:

[link to www.pixhost.org]


All five movies above show the characters under a trance.
Once in the trance, the alter is activated, and what you see in the movie is the alter in action. Its the same theme for every movie. IF they show you things under the guise of science fiction, where the character is hooked into a machine, and goes to sleep, this is nothing but an alter under mind control.

Its easy to miss all this under the dramatic action scenes being shown.

Also if the characters look weird, and the movie itself appears psychedelic, then that too is about mind-control.
Like Alice in Wonderland, and WIzard of Oz for example.

This mind control research has been carrying on for a couple of centuries now. See the timeline of this research down below.

Consider HOLLYWOOD as a mind control tool, a weapon of sorts to program your mind with subliminals. Agree that there are exceptions and there are genuine movies there, but the mind cotrol part is real. In essence they tell you how to think. They tell you what is the right way to live.
Its not just Hollywood, its also TV, and other media.

The NWO bases itself on a UTOPIAN Social model. This is similar to the FASCIST Nazi regime. Hitler and his Nazi Germany was nothing but a practice run to the real NWO that is around the corner and approaching fast.

Their view of us, is that humans are nothing but a soulless soft machine. Hence they have no qualms in killing and destroying humans to further their agenda. This view point has been oft repeated by their established thinkers , right from the time of Plato. They hold the view that humans are subordinate to the STATE , and that a human's life should be dedicated and controlled by the state.
They consider themselves to be the farmer, and other humans as sheep.

This ideology has pointed them in the direction of total control of humans.

In order to understand them, you need to put yourself in their place. Say you follow Nazi sociallism, and you want to create your Utopia, where all the useless inferior humans are killed, population is kept under control, and nobody so much as sneezes without you knowing.
How would you establish such a regime?
Reverse engineer this, step into thier shoe, and you will know what is going on , and what is coming.

You will need:

Total Mind control.
Total Surveillance.
Fear of the STATE.
Fear of the rulers.
Limit the technology that goes out to the people you rule.
Step down the power of their brains by using chemicals in their food, inferior quality food, and encouraging the young to take drugs.
You also do not want them to have access to real healing.
Medicine and healing should also be of inferior quality.
Tax them heavily so none of them may acquire any wealth.
Let them work for and collect useless paper, you horde Gold.

and so on.

Once you see this , you will understand what is happening now. Why they make the kind of movies they do.

All you need to do is look at some of the horrendous mind control and surveillance patents that have been applied for.

Pictures (click to insert)
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