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Subject DEPLETED URANIUM - I can't handle all of the bad news ...it is too much for my sensitive system...the horror the horror
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Original Message It just gets to be too much. When will the madness end. I want to be "aware" and "awake". But it makes me sick to my stomach. And it gives me bad dreams. My nervous system can only take in so much negativity. And I can't stand these people who go on about how positive life is ( most of them are Obama supporters, head in sand types). Are they totally blind to any truth what so ever , at all ? ? ? Warning, do not read the below ariticle if you cannot handle graphic photos. I have known about depleted uranium for many years now...but no one evers talks about it. Most people I try and talk to about it have no idea what I am talking about. So when you tell them what it is, they think you are full of shit. "They" can't imagine themselves living in a world, let alone a country , that would allow such atrocities to happen. I have had people say to me things like " Oh come on, now why would OUR goverment allow something like that?" . Now .. how in the hell do you respond to that ? I just give them a blank stare and walk away at that point, usually, with a little eye rolling going on ! But like I said, it is all too much. This delpleted uranium "thing" , it is just too hard to take in what a horror it is, and is going to be for many years. And no one wants to know about it ! But it is real. Now granted, the below website is a very , blantantly one sided opinion type of website, but this news is real, this interview is real. This truth is real. See if you can swallow it and chew on it. And , what in the HELL do we do about it. And by the way , I have a new grandaughter, she does have a lump on the back of her skull, born with it. 3 months old, we are taking her in next week to have it removed and tested for milignant or not ...the horror the horror ... Beam me and my family up quick ! abduct

[link to www.I_Love_All_Jews]
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