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Subject after 4 years i have figured the illuminati and life itself out, 2 hours to write in brief UPDATED
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Original Message ok i have no idea how to even begin to start explaining this it is so hard to put into words especially with the situation i am in now, to be honest, i think i am more than half way there to figuring out what has been hidden from everyone, i will try and explain as simple as possible sorry if i dont make much sense, hmmm where to begin :\
about 3-4 years ago a friend told me about the illuminati, he told me about the subliminal messages in songs, how it brainwashes people and my first thought was what a load of bullshit, then i began to look into it and seen how much fact there was behind the "illuminati" being real. it used to fascinate me all these different conspiriacys 2012 the mayans 9/11 haarp NWO mark of the beast you name it ive heard it. i have been searching for answers to questions i dont even know but finially things started making sense more, now this is the bit what is going to be hard to explain but lets give it a go......
first of all probably about exactly a year ago my life turned upside down, i used to be one of the happyiest merryiest most present person people knew then boom my life went rock bottom. i thought i had depression first, then social anxiety then i would just tell myself anything, constantly my mind was and to be honest still is racing 100 mph about this thats and anything alot of it negative.
i have been on this forum before and i know im going to get alot of haters because i am SHIT at explaining and not in the best order but let me carry on im trying my best lol....
anyway i think im missing the middle part out here about i dont even know what but anyway from this happening i have been on my own journey this past year and i have realised alot of things, even thought i cant explain it or even think about it i know what i mean lol but this is part of what i realised, i told you it wont make sense lol....
i realised what the illuminati have been hiding from us, 9/11 NWO all this other shit thats just the start of it, thats what they WANT us to know they was behind to make us fear them, like you will already know fear is their greatest weapon.
first is the law of attraction, what we want we can get, anything in life, material wishes or anything, when you think about something you attract that simple. but instead of thinking i want that nice car, you need too KNOW that you ARE going to get that nice car, if you know that in you mind and feel it in your heart once your mind and heart allign and you create enough energy you will get that what you wish for. but the "illuminati" use this to their advantage, remember whatever you pay attention too you are giving more energy too, so they use this as a weapon, notice how everything is ANTI-war not pro peace anti this anti that, even though it is against that thing you are still attracting it because you are giving it energy. so if you are thinking "i dont want to have this rubbish job" then that new job wont pop up where as if you think and know "i am getting a new job that makes me happy" then you give energy to getting that new job rather than staying with the old one. that is enough on that to get you thinking , do some research , like i said its hard to explain, but still thats just the start.........
next lets go to the ego, the false us, what everybody has grew up with, beleiving it is their true self, really its not, this is hard to explain, ill try my best.
this is what the illuminati have really done to us.
we all have a true inner self a higher self, god like self, that has a clear consciousnesses can see things for what they are, but we cant get to that state because the ego stops us. how to put it hmmm :\?
look at it this way , rhianna , justin bieber , jay z, all idols for teenagers, they all want to be that "good girl gone bad" and through the subliminal messages , through society, from being judged by others, people sub consciously build up an ego to be like that person because it is "cool" or build an ego up to fit in at school or work or group of friends or wherever people build an ego to fit in. the ego is all about "i" about "me" it doesnt consider others, the ego judges people the ego is that little annoying voice in your head that just wont shut up, when the ego is gone, all stress goes with it, when the ego is gone you find your TRUE self and because you know you and being true to yourself you will be confident happy have a high self esteem be considerate and most importantly you will feel love, you will enjoy life as it is and accept everything and everyone, it is this ego that leads these sad lives it is the ego that the illuminati have rammed into our sub conscious mind that 99% of this population live by. By living by the ego we never get to find our true self and this is what they have been hiding from us, have you ever seen the film the matrix? that is what we live in, well most of us do. think about it, if nobody had an ego then nobody would be judgmental everyone would be there for each other, depression and anxiety wouldn't be there in the first place. this world would be heaven, remember life is meant to be a gift and it would be without these ego's, remember back when you was a child and there was no little voice, everything brought joy into your life, even eating a bag of crisps was a magical experience lol, everything you did you did it like it was the first time. anyway enough of that now too believe it or dont that is your choice, and the ones that do, i wish the best on your journey.
finially time is what has been used against us, i have wrote too much for now lol but it has, we are constantly living in an illusion the past , dreading on the past wishing we did something better or worrying on the future wondering this and that, they are both illusions the only time is now, the present when you live in the past and future you miss out on what is going on right now, even 1 second ago is different than now, live NOW is the biggest tip i can give.
the past is history, the future a mystery, the now a gift, thats why its called present.i wil leave it at that for now.

so you have been told all this by an 18 year old, lets see if your ego starts to judge me now and think its all bullshit just because i am younger than you?

i know all this but trust me i am probably in the same boat as you guys, it is all so much easyier said than done, meditation is a big help to live in the now, just accept what is.

this probably could of been explained better but i tryed my best

also if anybody could think of a better title let me know i just wanted to try get peoples attention :)


this is crazy ............ something mad happened today i have been to a friends house who i hadnt seen for over a year, the last time i went i was not aware of the ego i was there all night talking about "shit" , i went today, i had a spliff, and it was as if i seen through something i dont know what, i was sat there and my friend and her mum was talking "i" this "i" that and talking about other people bitching about them and i just didnt know what to say, i tyred do act interested but i just wasnt . it wasnt the same, its as if i seen what this society really has become i felt as if they was sat there talking about there ego who cant say "no" to a drink who likes this, it was as if they was talking about who they "thought" they was and what they "thought" they liked and i it was as if i noticed that, either that or i have lost the plot?!?!, i cant explain it was wierd the only way i could describe it was a matrix lol. anyway i came home and i typed into google "the matrix and the ego illuminati", i only typed this because of what happened today, and my post was at the top of the list on google i just had some wierd feeling after having a spliff and then being there it was the wierderst feeling ever i was going to post on here to just try and explain what i "witnessed" anyway even though you probable dont have a clue what i am trying to say, but then for my post to be at the top of google.......just wow it was as if it was a sign, somebody tell me have i gone crazy !?!?

explained so simple but so well

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