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Subject Christianity... Are you kidding me?
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Original Message The god that you worship is an evil and judgemental god. He gives us only one life to determine our eternal fate. He knowingly created satan and hell. He demands worship from his creations. He decides our eternal fate based on a book that was written by men. He isnt powerful enough to defeat satan without incarnating into a human form AKA Christ

Why would god knowingly create a place of eternal torture for any of his creations if he is a loving god?

Why would he demand that you read the correct book in order to recieve his love?

If he requires anything from us in order to save our souls from eternal suffering than he is not a loving or forgiving god...

Do you really think that a loving god would give us one lifetime to decide our souls eternal fate?

If adam and eve were both white how are there blacks, asians, indians etc...

If adam and eve were truly the first people on earth than arent we all related?

If everyone on earth died during the flood, than arent we all related to noah? If so how are there different races?

Please dont throw any of your crazy scripture at me... It is not a credible source since it has been translated and manipulated so many times throughout history... Plus it was written by the council of nicea...

I want to hear from real christians who dont need to use scripture to explain their beliefs...
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