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Subject Devastating Pole Shift December 2012? : SOLAR SUPERSTORM 2012 & Planetary Allignments
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Original Message From Patrick Geryl

If this is true, then:

dynamite siren2

Remember the start of the movie 2012?
This thing is it.

Quotes from the video:

April 22nd, 2012: Conjunction Mercury-Pluto and the Sun
Conjunction Venus Mars & Sun.
Opposition Uranus- Venus-Mars across the Sun

Trapezium like configuration (parrallelogram) from

Large scale effects possible on the Sun.
One of these will happen: X flare, filament eruptin or CME.
But a powerful X flare combined with a BIG filament eruption or
BIG CME is possible.


FOUR triple line ups which give the strength to the solar eruption.

Dec 15-16 : Triple Line Up Neptune-Mars-Venus
Dec 17-18: Triple line up: Jupiter = Earth - Mercury
Dec 17 -18 : Conjunction Venus - Mercury - Sun
Des 19: Conjunction Saturn-Mercury-Sun
Dec 20: Midpoint conjunctins: Saturn-Venus-Mercury & the Sun
Dec 21: Conjunction: Saturn- Venus & the Sun.
Dec 20-21 : Triple Line up : Neptune- Mars-Mercury
Dec 20=22 Triple line up: Jupiter - Earth- Venus

And it is this flare that will most likely destroy the Earth.
Powered by the 11,500 year Solar cycle.

The result will be a devastating pole-shift here on Earth as predicted by the ancients....

The last two cataclysms (9790 BC and 21,310 BC, according to the astronomical timeline)
dates are other in astronomical because no zero count, and were described by the ancients and correlate with teh 11,500 year magnetic field reversal data shown..

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.howtosurvive2012.com]
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