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Subject Frequency Rising: energy shifts and their effects on us physically, mentally, and emotionally...
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Original Message We can all feel it...its the uneasiness, the quickening of time...the constant feeling of Deja Vu...

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

"I'm going crazy" No, that's what some would like us to think, and they would prescribe some pill to subdue the "problem". Its not a problem, its changes to our body and reality. The changes going on within us are already happening, and they are happening at exceedingly rapid rates. Our energies and frequencies are rising...before you write this off as hookie and new age, just take the time to read some of it.

Energy isn't just something you use to light your house, it is EVERYTHING....both invisible and visible (solid matter.) Atoms connect us to people on the other side of the world. Crazy if you think about it!?

The time IS now. What do we keep searching for? some magical fairy to come and just take us away or "upgrade" our DNA or take us in a carriage off to some far away place?

-notice yourself in a "trance" like state more often than not nowadays? When you can't remember what you were doing before that point in time?
-think of something you haven't thought about in years, and then a friend brings it up in conversation?
-Lose track of time?
-Sense someone thinking about you/talking about you and then you get a call from them?
-notice spacing out while driving much more recently, like you can't remember any of the turns during the trip? Yet, you know you were safe and coherent while driving there.

At this current time (the year 2012) "downloads" of information and frequencies are really increasing for those who are "open" to them...EVEN READING THIS THREAD MAKES YOU MORE AWARE TO THE ENERGIES...so take the time to absorb the information, the more you know, the more you can expand!

What did the Mayans and many ancient cultures know that we don't?

They were more connected to mother earth and her rhythms than we could EVER imagine. They listened to her thoughts, her breathing, her every move. They could see the future, because they listened and were connected in many ways that we are not.

There was a research study on animals and their owners, the researchers put a camera at the house of the owner and videotaped the dogs reaction before the owner came home. They noticed up to 15 minutes before the owner got home, some of the dogs would get excited and run to the door...like they KNEW their parent was coming home! Talk about some connection with energy fields!

Find yourself needing to go outside and expand your energy field more often?

A feeling of anxiety washes over you so strong that you will do anything to just be alone or in an area where you feel "safe". You are starting to absorb others energies and thoughts at incredible rates...

We are almost like a computer (maybe our brains are the computer ;) and we are the ones in charge of the processing...do we want to download new upgrades per se? keep our "virus" protection and energy protected from outside invaders (people who you feel like drain your energy and lower your vibration/processing).

Over the last several thousand years, it is my personal belief that we have sort of "devolved"...for we were created in God/Source image right?? (no matter what your particular religious belief). The perfect man, all DNA activated and working.

Currently 90% of our DNA is considered "junk" DNA. Left over from evolution...well...what was this DNA used for in the past?

[link to www.npr.org]

Obviously, there is something to meridians, chakras and our bodies bioenergetic field. Just look at all of the research coming out about subtle energies and balancing the energies of our body. This so called junk DNA, might hold more information for our past AND future than we could imagine.

Scientists explain why some people can "read" auras..

[link to www.sciencedaily.com]

Our meridians control the holographic image/blueprint of our DNA, expressing what traits to express/not express. As we take on more energy from the cosmos (and no you can't see it) our bodies will become more "electric" and energetic, needing to function at higher vibrations in order to stay healthy.

I need to find it online, but I read a research study about how our meridian's emit/change the amount of biophotons they give off IMMEDIATELY after a solar flare...not a few days later, but immediately.

We are all connected in ways we could never imagine. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, it becomes a domino effect. Its up to us to determine how these energies are used...for remember, energy is NEVER created or destroyed, ONLY TRANSFORMED. Energies are increasing all around us...especially over the last few weeks. Notice time just "flying" by...

Some scientists are starting to see metaphysical capabilities are stronger in those who have a higher percentage of DNA activated and functioning

just a few:
heightened senses
an insane awareness of body/surroundings
basically a 6th sense

Everyone thinks we are just going to poof and vanish because we believe in God...its not that easy. Its up to us to cleanse our minds and bodies from the unnatural vibrations stored since the Fall of Man. As this happens, DNA/genes dormant for centuries begin to turn back on, creating a completely different view of reality as we have always seen it. This has to be a conscious effort tho...even miracles are based on laws of physics and subtle energies (and I know I will be slammed for saying that, but its true).

How do we do change?

Change diet (our bodies are TEMPLES for the Holy Spirit), light therapy, sound therapy, crystals/gemstones...yeah, all the hokey stuff we hear about.

Crystals: [link to www.healingcrystals.com]
Sound: [link to www.youtube.com] - relax and feel your body energy shift into rhythm

most importantly...take your shoes off, go outside, and connect to Mother Earth, her magnetic field has been the driving force for evolution since the beginning of time, as we see it. How often do you go barefoot or get rid of the static buildup from EMFs that we all have WAYYYY too much of? This static and unnatural radiation and wreck havoc on our bioenergy fields.

Grounding mats/bedsheets (I have the bands, shoes, mats, almost all of their products because of how EMF sensitive I am becoming, it gets stronger every day actually...shows how we are becoming more interactive with our environment)

These products literally connect you to the earth (most people never walk without some kind of synthetic rubber sole on their feet) - [link to www.earthingsolutions.ca]

Funny thing is about all of this "weird"/"new age" stuff, its true, its all vibrational energy...our thoughts, our actions, all of it, energy in various forms, even solid matter.

Our ancestors knew it, and WE (as a society) are too ignorant to face the reality that WE are in control of our own destiny, and WE are for sure in control of our health. It might take a good fight, and a lot of learning, but the good will win in the end...it always does...if it doesn't, its not the "end".

We create our own reality. We are the only ones who can change it. We have NO idea what we are capable of...this Venus transit coming up will have a HUGE effect on those who are in tune to things...

[link to www.karenmccoy.com]

Venus Transit & Quetzalcoatl: The Venus Transit and The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl
[link to www.esoterism.ro]

Some other resources that might interest you if you are interested in Earth Energies - Thread: Ley Lines, Earth Energies, "memories", DNA
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