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Subject Mission Statement: Muhammad was NOT a Pedophile & The Star of David is a Satanic Hexagram
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Original Message Let me start off by saying that I have had many of my posts removed for copyright violations: all that I post is work from my own personal blog that I copy and paste. I am the original writer of all that I have posted so far. I would really appreciate it if my threads stopped being removed, and I stopped receiving infractions for crimes I did not commit.

The Star of David is not a Jewish symbol. This symbol is actually a satanic hexagram used by occultists in sorcery, witchcraft, and magick. There is no reason to rebuild Solomon's temple because the Dome of the Rock is the third jewish temple. Muslims practice the original form of Judaism before the torah was corrupted. In 7th Century B.C.E. , exiled rabbis in babylon rewrote and changed the original words of Moses to include animal sacrifice and occultism. The star of david is what powered these paganist rabbis. The " star of david " is actually "the star of moloch" or " the star of renpham " . Zionism has zero to do with actual Judaism because Judaism applies to all people who wish to seek God, and all land on earth belongs to God. All people who seek God are Chosen. All land belongs to God. Israelis and the Jewish people terrorized and continue to mistreat Arabs in what was rightfully their land. The Jewish terrorists stole the homes of the arab children. There was no official "Palestine" , but there were thousands of people living in modern day Israel peacefully. These arabs called themselves Southern Syrians or Palestinians, but they are people too, and deserve respect. I ask the Jewish people, and people of all races and creeds to stand up against Israel because it is not a religious matter. It is a matter of theft and justice. Moreover, Islam is a peaceful religion. Christians and jewish people like to quote the qur'an out of context to disparage it. They also like to say Muhammad was a child molester / pedophile: I swear on my mother's grave that he was not. Muhammad married a 6 year old girl which was common practice in his era because average life expectancy was 20 years old. Muhammad then waited 3 years to engage the girl until she reached pubic age. During his era, girls were allowed to be sexual when they reached puberty. That was the common practice and the law. Furthermore, Muhammad was not a mass-murderer. In comparison to Jewish atrocities, like the Purim massacre, Muhammad was simply defending real Judaism. Purim is not a Jewish holiday. Purim is a paganist celebration of the murder of 75,000 persians. The story is that King Mordecai discovered Haman to be a traitor, and instead of simply killing Haman. He slaughtered his 10 innocent sons, and massacred 75,000 persians. Purim is a celebration of genocide. Real Judaism does not celebrate Purim. Please share this video to all your Jewish friends. Jewish people are incredibly smart, and powerful, but they need to understand that their religion and god has been hijacked by satanist and babylonian rabbis. Stand up for truth, justice, and freedom. No more middle-eastern conflicts. May we all unite in Elah / Allah / Yahweh. No war with Iran. No war in west bank. No war in Gaza. As a jewish man, I tell you that Muhammad was the greatest Jewish prophet to ever live. PEACE. WORLD PEACE NOW.
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