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Subject Childhood experiences of ET/UFO
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Original Message Hi, ive shared dreams on here and actually got a good response, now I want to share an experience I had when I was 7. I am in my mid 20's now and have spoken to my father of this as reassurance that I hadn't drempt the reactions I had when I saw what I believed I saw when I was 7. I find it hard to remember which of the first UFO's I saw, out of two, that I saw. So ill explain the easiest to remember first; It was after dawn, an orange lighted sky, and I remember seeing a oval shipped light in the distance as I stood and looked out my 2nd floor Window of my room, the light was still for a long while (5-10 mind, hard to tell time when young), - gazed apon it until it flew off towards the sun, never thought anything of it. The 2nd was at night (same year is as far as I can narrow it down in my head) This light was a dull blue/white that vibrated in the same spot I saw the first through my window, it zig zagged in a pattern that went right and up, but stopped each turn long enough for me to watch for possibly half an hour, then continued to fly over my house. That was the night I began to have a strange sensation of a kind of sight that made it seem everything was larger than my eyes could cope with, like tunnel vision but your perspective stays still but things “seem/feel” bigger to your eyes and mind. Now after that, the years to follow I have a strange memory of laying in bed in the morning pulling the covers off my head and seeing 3 tall people, pale with huge eyes, hands by their sides staring at me. My father tells me that year of my life, I screamed for him to come into my room every morning to pull my covers back, shouting there are people in my room again and that they Keep looking “Into” me. For the life of me I don't remember those mornings, but I remember the image of tall, thin pale people in my room staring at me. The last 3 months I have done my digging into my childhood and I now felt I can share this without doubt that this happened, I feel better for sharing. Now I ask of anyone else who has had vague memories of UFO's or an ET like encounter when young, would like to share, I would be very happy to hear from you.hiding
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