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Subject GLP : Welcome to the Dark Age
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Original Message What is up will all the crazy religious bullshit on the site? Religion is a tiny subsection of the site, still I have a hard time finding threads that aren't either religious nutballs doing the GLP version of the dark ages?
Don't get me wrong, I do prefer the religious crazies over the racist crazies, but not by much.

Where are the conspiracy theories and UFOs? Is religion part of the lunatic fringe? Sure seems like it.
Most I see are either threads that are plain racist in nature, the bashing of an unpopular president, and those discussions are about as mature as the ones I've overheard on schoolyards. In the end it boils down to race and his funny-sounding name.
Every time of of y'all rages on and on about commie obongo or whatever retarded term you are currently favoring I wonder to myself if anyone who actually has something to say wouldn't just ignore this dirthole.
It just lowers the bar so much, and a thread can be so retarded even the dimmest bulb realizes this, still there is just so much crap that gets insta pinned.

If we now have all the religious nuts, the bigots who felt Stormfront would be too right-wing for them, where did the real discussions go? Did people migrate elsewhere, or are you just hiding among the many many bullshit threads, much like my little rant?
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