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Subject Parents , the Ultimate Criminals ?? ... and Their Direct Consequence : Religion , the Ultimate Proof of Stupidity ! No Wonder !
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Original Message It was just Censored ...

Make Your Point against Irresponsible Parents 24-7 , show them that in this oppressed society speaking the Truth is no longer an act of Bravery but it became a Common one !

If you are a parent , Kudos to you for being interested in this thread , maybe there is hope ...

But if you are a child , regardless of your age , and if your parents are alive , than Print this , show it to them and Demand Explanations , don't let them change the subject !

Heck , even make it a School /University Project specially if the teachers are also parents .

Shift the Tables on the Establishment and start Questioning Authority , sniffing the Garbage Society that your parents Made and brought you in gives you Full Rights and Reasons to cut like a hot knife through the present rancid Morality butter ...

Up to three Decades ago it would be unfair to ask the sharp questions below , but Now things are different , the technologies are hugely improved making the situation became a matter of Will Power , Responsibility , Maturity , Dedication and Determination to change the world for the better ( instead of watching ball , TV crap and drinking ) .

I don't mind as a child Sharing the Fight in this world , writing this besides a pound of government correspondence and not having children is proof , but most parents are not even getting up , including mine !

So now it's Question and Judgement time , enough B.S. , parents have to prove they are not as incompetent , irresponsible and Criminal as we think they are !

The knowledge and technology available today puts the human specie in the promising position , after some 400,000 years on Earth , of finally starting its Therapy , now we know enough to 'escape' nature , clean the garbage ( aggression gene ) from our Genome While improving it , and have perpetual life among many other goodies .

Have you heard of the Triangle of Happiness ?
The three points are : finding unconditional Love , being Financial secure , and being Healthy . How many of those points could you Guarantee to your precious child ? How many of those points did Your parents guaranteed to you before bringing you in this world ? ...

Be a responsible parent : fix the nest before laying the eggs ...

And for the religious fantasies thankfully there is an Acid Test to those Clerics , priests , popes , Kings and Sheiks that swear their lives on gods and their religions telling you to do the same , Trumpeting their FAITH to the tune of two Billion Euros to built one Mosque and putting a Million dollar prize to kill a book writer !
Let's Acid Test that Faith : if they really , Really , REALLY BELIEVE in their gods than Why are they ARMING to prepare or conduct wars ??

Does it mean that those pretentious religious 'leaders' do not Really believe nor trust their own gods ( to whom they built churches/mosques and pray ten times a day ) ?? YOU BET !!
And yes , they deny their faith in their own gods in Your face : they spend Billions on armament and armies from Your tax money and at the detriment of Your life style !
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