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Subject There will be a moment of clarity like no other…..
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Original Message If you search:

There will be a moment of clarity, of oneness, of understanding, of serenity, and of course LOVE.
Unless you look, search, and open your mind this moment may not happen until your last breath of air..Oh how much we truly miss out on by not looking within..We must start the search..start it with what we were taught then reach out into new areas of interest. Ingest what makes sense to you—what clicks for you. Don`t be afraid to let go of your “learned: beliefs”..Make it an adventure.. Put these worldly issues behind you for a while and push through the veil that blinds us all..

There is a deeper and ever so much deeper vibration to seek..endless and timeless. No religion, no new age, just be one with it and strive to experience it..Push through the veil and see the perfection. A new consciousness is awaiting of pureness and understanding..Death and the fear of death will have no grasp on us…Once we experience this, the division of religions, hate, governments, and worries all disappear in the moment of clarity..It`s there for us…search for it and you will find it…don`t let the perception of other`s beliefs in the Great Spirit cloud your way…Each path is different for each soul..search through Jesus…search through Buddhism..search through meditation..search through Hinduism…search the path where you are led…But most importantly search inside and see that you are…You are one of the whole…

The moment of clarity will change us forever…we will constantly stray away from it, but yearn to return to that space..The experience will balance us—show us what is truly important.. There will be no room for argument because we have seen the truth and respect all other`s path that lies ahead of them….so much nonsense and bickering is a waste of energy…search for the moment of clarity and deeper understanding…There isn`t a soul in which you come in contact with who isn`t there for a reason.. embrace what is in front of you for it is all connected.

Have a great weekend GLP…

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