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Subject Part 4: ARCHOS: Empire of the Demon God.
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EDIT on May/3rd/2012 : Title of thread changed from "ARCHOS: EMPIRE OF THE DEMON" to "ARCHOS: EMPIRE OF THE DEMON GOD"


The following is my understanding of a combination of factors, that govern life today.
Mainly in the seemingly vast amount of evidence, of the occult kind, among our top elite rulers,
and our elite bankers, and all around us.
It's an attempt to understand what is happening, the nature of this phenomena in a simplified, and 'to the bones' kind of approach.
This thread is based on the work of other authors, and every attempt is made to credit the source wherever appropriate.

However this, like always, has my own unique way of looking at things.
Whatever follows is my own view, and is no way the final word or the only truth out there.
I could change my views tommorow, .....given fresh input or data.

So, keeping that in mind, let's take this only as an inspiration,
to help you in your own research (RESE-ARCH!) , and add to it with your own findings, corrections, and opinions.
Consider this as a group effort. I welcome all critique, but request you to keep it friendly.
Please keep the conversation clean.

Thank you very much
abhie hf

All bibilical quotes are made only from a historical point of view, and the author has no intention of promoting any religion.

Now lets get on with it.


This planet is in deep shite.

Has always been.

Its not the Illuminati, its not the elite, its not the banksters, its not anyone you know that is running this planet.
Ever wonder how all the bad things go so smoothly , according to plan, without a hitch,
how nearly ten years after 911 nothing has hurt them? Not even a squeak, nobody arrested, nobody on thier side hurt??????????

You see, these guys, the Illuminati, the elite, the Banksters, the Bilderbergers, .... are mere servants.

They are following orders.
They are NOT the ones running the show.

This planet, you see, belongs to someone else, or rather, something else.

You will be seeing his face in a minute.

And like the lady said, " I can tell you, but I'd have to kill you" ,
once the population of this planet reaches the critical mass in awareness of what is really happening,
it pulls the plug.......BWOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!

And everybody , well most everybody......
>>>....they is just gone........<<<

And then it starts all over again, with a fresh batch.
It works pretty hard, never sleeps.
Has a vast legion of minions at its command.

And it does the same things over again.
Its a cycle.
Atlantis was the end of the previous cycle.

Welcome to its farm.
A place you know as EARTH.

I make this thread in that
it may start a new awareness, and hopefully, we can develop our defenses,
our strengths to beat this thing,
against all odds.
But its an old player.

Probably has been down this road many many many times.

But hey, all this is just me. and what I think.
Don't let that make you negative.

In fact I'm too looking for a way out of this.
If you have any feedback, its welcome.
Like I said, I may be wrong ......

So GOD help us.
GOD help this planet.

Meet our overlord::>>>>>>>

Take a look:>>>

(Right click and save the image to your drive.
There's a whole bunch of graphics coming along.)

(Note: Try not be judgemental for some moments
Don't think. Just let your mind absorb this slowly.
Sooner or later, your mind will know the truth,
whatever it may be.)

HI RES 340 kb
[link to www.pixhost.org]

MED RES 214 kb
[link to www.pixhost.org]

LOW RES 128 kb
[link to www.pixhost.org]
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