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Subject Time of Transformation
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Original Message There is an old Chinese saying. "May you live in exciting times." Well these are perhaps THE most exciting times of all. These are the times spoken about by just about every culture on Earth. This is the time of transformation. The world you have been living in is changing. Of course change is a normal part of life. However, the change that is occuring now as we speak is not your normal change. This is change that has spoken of from thousands of years in the past. This is a time looked forward to with both great anticipation and great fear. That is because the change that is coming is one so great that the world we have been living in will never be the same again. We have been living in un-elightened times. The age that is currently ending has been a dark age. One of separation, violence, and fear. You can see the constant cycle of turmoil in this age by reading any history book. Mankind has lost it's way. We see ourselves as separate and disconnected. From both each other and our planet/world. We have gotten use to labelling everything. It is our tendency to lable that helps caused the separation we currently find ourselves in. When we label something as different from ourselves we disconnect ourselves from the greater whole. This can cause an opening for fear to creep in. Living in a cyber world we can relate to these labels as tags. Tagging someone as; republican, democrat, communist, capitalist, black, white, atheist, christian, muslim or jewish really does nothing but separate us. In the age that is ending it's these "tags" that have defined us. They have also led to all the problems we have faced. The endless strife and the death of millions. Thankfully this age is ending. The new age that we are heading into will be an age of unity and oneness. One of untold potential and of true miracles. The positive possibilities are limitless and utterly awe inspiring. We will realize that the "tags" we have given ourselves will no longer apply. We will look back and realize how silly and childish we have been. It is time for us to grow up. Realize that there are no wars worth fighting for. No wars are ever truly won. In fact in the end it matters little who wins what battle or war for all empires turn to dust. We will look back and see how misguided both our focus and our energies have been. Why do we spend uncountable amounts of money developing weapon systems to kill each other? Because of our fear caused by our silly labelling addiction. This is the time to let go of the delusion that has held sway over us during the dark age that is passing. The delusion is that we are all separate. That we don't need each other and that certain factions(labels-tags) are better than others. It is time for this delusion to stop! And it will stop. One way or the other. You can count on that . The transition to the new age can be an easier one if we will let love & compassion rule in our hearts. Love and compassion are the keys to the next step in human evolution. Our destiny is truyly an amazing one. First we must start seeing ourselves as part of the greater whole. Instead of seeing the differences start looking for the oneness. We must each begin to do this now. Each and every day as a normal part of our routine. Then we will truly start the transition into the most exciting times of all. Which lie just ahead of us. So my wish for us all is that we go into these exciting times. Both with open mind and open heart. Fully realizing that each of us are a part of a greater whole. That we are all in this together. As one.
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