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Subject Unfinished Pyramid of the Illuminati, May 20th, 2012, THE PLEAIDIAN ECLIPSE OF THE ANTI CHRIST.
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Original Message Unfinished Pyramid of the Illuminati, May 20th, 2012, THE PLEAIDIAN ECLIPSE OF THE ANTI CHRIST.

GRAPHIC Stellarium COMPILATION by Apollo.
See my May 5th post if you havent already
Thread: ...VENUS CONJUNCTION and the Super Moon !!!. Venus and the Anti Christ Star..

Solar Eclipse Times: 20 May 4:47 pm in Los Angeles. 20 May 7:47 pm in New York, 21 May 0:47 am in London. 21 May 5:17 am in Delhi, 21 May 9:47 am in Sydney

For path of the eclipse ,

[link to eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov]

Qoute from an older blog

Cause oddly the Tablets refer to Mercury as Nibiru as well:

"If Mercury (MULUDU.IDIM.GU4) divides the sky and stands there, [its name] is Nibiru.

Again, this is the Conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun which will herald in THE MAN.

Thread: SUPER CONJUNCTION ...Morning of May 20th, then Evening Eclipse. Nibiru the Destroyer King !!!!!! The Inner Mystery Now Revealed


Excerpts from *five* doves

To some esoteric communities, this Annular Solar Eclipse, with its unique &; rare conjunction with Pleiades on May 201, 2012, can be attributed to the return of the Phoenix. Venus is known to be associated with lucifer & the Phoenix in the ancient world because Venus was one of the brightest moving stars in the known heavens. Even in the modern era, Venus is still associated with lucifer or the coming of the Anti-Christ.

The Phoenix is known by many names to many cultures; as Nimrod, Osiris, Queztalquatal, Kukulcan, Viracocha etc. Each culture has had their own names given to Venus but all of them refer & converge on 1 personage; that being of lucifer the ‘Shinning One’. ........... This brief study is not suggesting that at this specific time, the literal Anti-Christ will be revealed. Perhaps but it is only as a type & shadow.

Nonetheless; a sort of esoteric Alpha & Omega for the announcement of the Anti-Christ coming signature to be accompanied by ‘signs & wonders’. Descending –Ascending Birds At Chichen Itza every year on Mar 20, when the Spring Equinox, a ‘shadow’ is cast on the Pyramid that produces a ‘Descending Serpent’ or Phoenix down its northern stairs.

The year 2012 happens to be a peculiar year in that 60 days after the Serpent/Phoenix’s shadow appeared you have the Annular Solar Eclipse occur on May 20, 2012. On this day you have: 1) the Earth-Moon-Sun in conjunction with the Pleiades.

2) The Zenith of the Pleiades with the Pyramid lining up. This Zenith alignment of the Pleiades to the Pyramid at Chichen Itza only happens every 72 years. It so happens that the ‘Unfinished Pyramid’ of the illuminati on the US Reserve Seal has 72 blocks leading up to the Capstone. Coincidence? Perhaps.
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