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Subject Nuclear Attack during 2012 London Olympics CONFIRMED!!! (Full documentary 8 episodes)
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Original Message

This video contains a unique & exclusive proof exposing the nuclear false flag attack which has been staged by the illuminatis for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

As for the false flag attacks of the World Trade Center 9/11, there are a lot of movies and press articles which actually announce the coming London Olympics False flag attacks. Some hidden messages are so explicit that there is no doubt that the London Olympic false flag attack will take place and is part of a bigger plan: WW3 trigger and the entering to the New Age, New World Order, Era of Evil & the Deception of the so called aliens/extraterrestrials which are actually no more than jinns, Satan's offspring, devils, deceivers....

In the movie 2012, there is 2 scenes which make a clear reference to the 2012 London Olympics, the first proof is a scene which shows the TV News Broadcast reporting that the London Olympics have been suspended because of a terrorist attack. This scene does not make sense because the movie 2012 is supposed to take place on December 2012 while the London Olympic Games are scheduled for August 2012, which prooves that this scene was actually part of the illuminati predictive mind programming on the masses. Another clear indication in this scene is a police's formation shaped in a all seeing eye: the Pyramid and the Capstone, this does not let any doubt concerning the true message behind this scene.

This is the exact text of the TV news broadcast about the London Olympics accident:

- As in London, where the 30th
Olympic Games has been suspended.

- Hundreds of thousands are marching
towards 10 Downing Street

- demanding a lift of the information
blackout proposed by the Prime Minister.

- Thousands of calls to the switchboard.
We had to shut it down.

In the same scene, there is another EXTREMELY EXPLICIT indication which is ciphered in a double meaning conversation. In the context of a major series of world catastrophes including the accident of London (even if the Olympics are not on December 2012), with more than 2 million victims, One of the character of the movie evocates that not everyone can be saved and that they will only save the people that can contribute, we can easily recognize the eugenist beliefs of the satanic illuminati, they will save only the elites. At the end of the TV news broadcast, this is the ciphered conversation:

- All these people out there, sir.

-Shouldn't we be issuing warnings now?

- process is complete.

- That's the plan.

-British Columbia 2010, remember?

- Sir, those plans were drawn up 2 years ago.

- SIR, THOSE PLANS WERE DRAWN UP 2 YEARS AGO ??????????????????????

What "British Columbia 2010" refers to???

British Columbia (Canada) is the province where the last winter olympics took place exactly 2 years ago. First of all, the logo of British Columbia is highly masonic: the sun rising, which is the symbol of transition to the new age (like the logo of Obama 2008 presidential compaign). Do you remember what happened in British Columbia 2 years ago?

Remember the tragic accident of luge which cost the life of Nodar Kumaritashvili, this was not really an accident but an illuminati sacrifice announcing the coming 2012 false flag nuclear attacks during the London Olympics. 2 mains information indicates this: Nodar Kumaritashvili was precisely 21, 2+1 = 3, it's the satanic trinity, 3 is the equivalent of 11 (3 decimal = 11 binary) BUT ABOVE ALL, Nodar's number during the olympics was 30 just like the London Olympics which are the 30th Olympics. And there is another last proof which definitely confirms the nature of this ciphered message: the accident took place at the Whistler Sliding Center, at Whistler...This is a clear reference to whistleblower.

"A whistleblower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities (misconduct) occurring in a government department..." Wikipedia source.

So the 2 phrases ("BRITISH COLUMBIA 2012 REMEMBER. SIR, THOSE PLANS WERE DRAWN UP 2 YEARS AGO") take all their true meaning in the light of the information that I've provided you above.

It's clear that this conversation refers to the nuclear false flag accident and even to the coming nuclear WW3, they already warn that they will only save the people that can contribute, in other words the elites. My information is that the illuminatis won't only kill the people through a massive nuclear bombings on all the major cities but also by calling the people and pretexting to protect them in their underground bases, but in reality they will excecute them like cattle. One proof of that is the huge underground bases under the Denver Airport which are equiped with shower heads. There is also a reference which is engraved in the floor of the Denver Airport mentioning a powerful poison called Antigen (the 2012 Underworld Awakening makes a huge reference to the Antigen), so we can guess that the Antigen will be sprayed on the people in these underground bases. This also explain why many world elites like the Queen of England have bought houses just next to the Denver Airport's underground entries, that's not for their own protection (because they have their own underground bases near their places) but in order to be in the first places for the show: the mass people execution.

There is another clear reference to the 2012 London Olympics False flag attacks in the movies 2012, in a scene, the lead character returns to his van in a hurry to search a map, instead of a map of America (the scene takes place in the US), he takes a map of the London Underground, inspite of the hurry and to the fact that's not the right map, he took the time to completely open it and a close up is clearly made on it. This is certainly a reference to the place where the London Nuclear Attack will take place.

Another confirmation that the London Underground seems to be the target is the fact that a lot of 2012 London Olympic ads particularly emphasize on the London Underground and encourage the people to take it while it's well known that the London Underground is widely over crowded. A lot of ads refer to it without any valid reason, which confirms that's part of the predictive mass mind porgramming for the coming 2012 Nuclear London Attacks.

THERE IS ANOTHER MAJOR reference in the movie V for vendetta. Inspite to the fact that the original comics "V for vendetta" does not mention any terrorist attack in the London Underground, the scenario of the movie "V for vendetta" gives a central place to a HUGE terrorist attack in the London Underground which will blow up the Big Ben and all the government's buildings. Interestingly, this attack is led by the main character, which clearly refers to Satan and is organized by all the Vs (those who wear a mask of "Anonymous") who actually symbolize the hidden reptilians/hybrids/vampires among us, the illuminatis, the brotherhood of the snake, who are are precisely implementing the satanic plan and are behind all these false flags.

All this information put together let no doubt concerning the reality of a false flag nuclear attack during the 2012 London Olympics. This is even synchronized with the major events throughout the world: the illuminati staged worlwide protests, the illuminati Arab Spring, and the orchestrated growing tensions between the west and Iran...No doubt that this false flag attack will be blamed on a terrorist group related to Iran and this will be the beginning of the illuminati nuclear WW3. Objective: to assassinate 95% of the world population.

You cannot do anything to stop that, this is inevitable because this has been authorized by God, BUT YOU CAN STILL SAVE YOUR SOUL. The Masses which represent 95% of the world population, whether religious or not, have put God in their back and are fully busy with the satanic illusion created by Satan, this whole society is a lie and an illusion. The nuclear WW3 will represent the punishment of God on the lost and wicked masses, the losers who behave like cattle and do not think for themselves, do not think about their life, do not think about the hereafter, do not think about God, do not give thanks to God...but rather pass their time playing, laughing, commiting sins, running after money, running after this terrestrials life and behind their vain desires and emotions....runing after the perdition and illusion of Satan...so this punishment is fair enough!

As a true warner of God, I transmit you the fair offer of God, You STILL HAVE ONE UNIQUE CHANCE: it's to repent to God/Allah ALONE, to stop your sins, to stop running after this life and to surrender totaly to God and to obey his last book, the Quran, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, if you refuse this offer, then wait, it's not long before the punishment of God falls on you AND THAT'S NOT ALL, this will be only a beginning, because you'll burn in hell for eternity, HELL IS REAL, if you doubt it, then it means that you are among the people who are fated to it.

I am not asking you to pray Jesus, or to involve in any organized religion, that's all part of the perditions of Satan, I am asking you to turn to your Creator and Mine, the Sole & Only God, the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the The creator of all things, it's just between you and God, and to obey his Last uncorrupted book, the Quran, if you do that, you'll save yourself from an eternity of hell, if you refuse, you'll have eternity to regret it. I AM A TRUE AND FAIR WARNER FORM GOD, I do not ask you anything, I do not ask you to become my disciples, I do no ask you any money, I only transmit you faithfully the message of God to you: TURN TO GOD ALONE AND OBEY THE QURAN AND YOU'll BE SAVED, REFUSE AND YOU'LL BE AMONG THE GREAT LOSERS, that's all!
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