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Subject A Thought Experiment of Today’s Moral Aptitude and Subliminal Programming...
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Original Message So... Let's say a man was running down the street screaming at the top of his lungs.... "COPS ARE NOW KILLING TAZING AND BEATING OUR PREGNANT WOMEN....COPS ARE NOW KILLING TAZING AND BEATING OUR PREGNANT WOMEN !!!"

Then.. the Cops arrive. They arrest the man for disturbing the peace.. and end up tazing him too.

What would be your first thought and then what action would you take if any?

1. Would you be out raged at the tazing of the women ?

2. Would you be angered that the idiot man running around and screaming got loose from the funny farm?

3. Would you call up the EPA and complain about how Cops are waiting electricity and therefore hurting the environment... that Cops should have used a natural solution like a rock or something...

4. Would you say... "That Bitch had it coming, She should have been following the laws!".. and then walk off to enjoy your time at the gun range practicing your shooting skills for the future invading Fascist.

5. Would you simply look away and think.."It's not my problem, I don't break laws so they will never bother me."

6. Or..... would you make a private decision... only known to yourself... and plan action the next time you witness such outright barbaric behavior ?

These are only my presented choices but they are not the only answers to the thought experiment. You can do your own thing... whatever that might be.

You Don't have to place an answer here to participate... I am not a Troll.

Just Think... Seriously... Who are You ?....



Disclaimer... No Women was hurt or injured for the purpose of this thought experiment... except for the one's already tazed...
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