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Subject The archonic influence...Artificial Created thought form...
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Original Message The archons are stated as being an imitation.

I've come across a very similiar lineage from the ancient middle eastern cultures that state that the gennie or gin are imitation...artificial intelligence that reside in our field of concsiousness.

The two are very similiar in there discription.
Could these two lineages be one and the same?

The gnostic knowledge came from the ancient egyptian mystery schools, so the similarity of the two must have a very high probability they are one and the same.

The ancient egyptians were well crafted into the magical worlds of the unseen parts.
The story's abound about a particular line of entity called the gin, that were used as shields in important lineages of kings...(pharoah's).

They were descriped as being artificially made entity's with a particular intelligence attached to them.
The priesthood were the ones that had some sort of control on how they served there purpose.

Now...archons imitate our field of matter...all that we do is imitated.

If humanity were to change into what people describe...the Golden age...a particular vibration.
Would this change the archonic influence...would they imitate the new vibration that sweeps the earth?

Lets assume the gin and the archon are one and the same entity.

The word artificial entity is used in today's world in corporations or country's...funny they use that word to describe certain legal terms.

To refer to a juristic person, an artificial entity that the law treats for some purposes as if it were a person, such as an incorporated organization.
As a general term to describe all entities recognized by the law, including both juristic and natural persons.

Now...they refer to this name artificial entity in our juristic laws that govern humanity.
A hidden entity...
Quiet obvious were they got that from...it's obvious that they have the knowledge of these beings... there hidden and incorporated a system into our lives that imitate the same concept.

I'm not going into the whole concept here because they just might shut this down...as far as i know or seen, no one has tied this concept of entity and made the same concept into our legal systems.
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