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Subject Our body as a living part of the MATRIX around us...information fields and their effect on our body.
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Original Message Our energy/lightbodies are a very intricate part of our everyday life...whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Many are noticing that they are becoming more empathetic, ie. feeling others emotions and taking on the energies of others even when they are not consciously aware of it...creating all kinds of battles internally.

Everyone has felt electricity at some point, you shock yourself, you produce static, etc. Our bodies are VERY electric.

Electrical energy isn't just something that comes out of the plug in the office wall...its everything within and around us!

With all this talk about energies increasing, alignments, solar flares, etc, many are noticing some very real changes within them physically...they can't quite put their finger on it, but something just feels "different".

Toxic substances, thoughts, electromagnetic energies flow through our envioronment and our bodies on not just a daily basis...but an hourly basis, every minute, every second of every day.

We are completely disconnected from Earth and the natural biorhythms that our bodies were initially created with (and every system in our body has a particular "vibration" that it is comfortable and healthy functioning at...)

All of these physical (toxins) and invisible (unnatural electromagnetic waves) around us have an effect on our lightbody/meridians (that control the holographic blueprint of our DNA...telling our bodies what genes to express in order to give us particular traits)...if these vibrations are unnatural, over time it can lead to all kinds of sickness and mental health problems (anxiety, depression, bipolar, etc). This then creates an inability to handle the NEW incoming energies from sources around us and from the universe...

This video below is extremely educational about how energy works in the body (the invisible part of us)... it can be slow at times, but if you are having some problems with various things physically and emotionally, it can really help to shed light on what might really be going on with energetic imbalance, and vibratory structure of the systems in your body!

The year 2012 is a time of very high energies, many people are starting to see some physical results of their bodies trying to shift to these higher vibrations, but due to other "energies" stored, it creates all kinds of problems. (Also the "emotional" body is going through some very real changes as we begin to discover who we really are)

Hopefully this video will help if you can take the time to absorb the information in it!

"Food" for Thought

Scientific Evidence for why healers see auras - [link to www.psypost.org]

Russian DNA Discovers might explain for some human "paranormal" events - [link to www.rense.com]

BBC article - "Listen to your DNA" - DNA emits a sound frequency pattern [link to news.bbc.co.uk]

added 8-27-12
EPOC Neuroheadset Can 'Hack' Into Your Brain, Researchers Say

[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

A book in our DNA
[link to www.economist.com]

New Technique reveals unseen information in DNA

[link to news.uchicago.edu]

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