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Subject Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says? I found this "Tomb" in the cemetary... It may have an important message for me!
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Original Message Can anyone help me decipher what this "sign" says?

I was guided to this after I had prayed, while visiting My boyfriend who passed away last July very suddenly of leukemia. I was visiting him at the cemetary and I heard my inner voice telling me to go look around because there was a surprise waiting for me. While walking I found a headstone with my last name on it. I thought that this was the "sign" untill I turned around and saw this huge tomb with very strange markings on it. This tomb has been set aside for someone who has not passed away yet. I found it all to be very interesting since it was written in greek and my boyfriend who passed away was greek as well! I will post pictures off all the different things inside this tomb so you can see them better. I would appreciate ANY help anyone could give in regaurds to what it all means!

I do believe this message I found is very important and feel it has to mean something I need to "Know" since I was led to it through either angels or my higher self! Thanks again!

cem9 Picture#1

cem10 Picture#2

cem1 Picture#3

cem4 Picture#4

cem2 Picture#5

cem3 Picture#6

cem5 Picture#7

cem8 Picture#8 I am familar with what Schumann Resonance means.

cem7 Picture#9

:cem13: Picture#10

For any info you have could you please state the piture # and what info you can provide for it? Thank you soooo Much! It means alot to me! :)

UPDATE: 7/16/13 12:40 P.M.

Ok, this is the email I received from a fellow GLPer who got in contact with the "tomb owner".

This is ALL the information I received and that is it! Some of this may surprise some of you because of it's simplicity, compared to the vast amount of information, which was uncovered throughout the thread!

Here is the email...

Mr Schumann is a scientist, but one with some religious beliefs of his own design.

He doesnt want to be cremated, he doesnt want to be buried, so he opted for a cript.

The StMarks crest is a double meaning, for his own name, plus his religious beliefs,

and the tombe next door. The big one.

He is NOT illuminati!!!

Now it gets interesting...

He passed me on to the glass designer. Her name is Joyce Tamm. I wrote her a looong letter.

Here is her response -

Good Morning,

What a wonderful surprise to hear about my work. I feel very flattered at the attention you have given me with this piece. I hate to admit it but the window is not nearly as intriguing as all that. My customer wanted a piece that reflected what kind of person he is. With that said, your theories are correct to a point- The symbolism of life after death into the universe are correct, but more basic than that is this man is simply intrigued with the whole solar system & the thoughts of possible life beyond what we know- hence the space ship-“saucer”. He also is very interested in physics which led us to the mathematical equations.

The door is significant to entering a new dimension as well as just a piece of esthetics. The overall piece is designed simply because this is a man who does not want to be interred into the ground or cremated. The overall process for me was based on all of his thoughts and wishes, hence the design evolved. The carving by his name is the symbol or monogram for St. Mark –Double meaning- his name as well as the religious convictions for Mr. Schumann . When we are all gone the idea is that for someone following us in time will look at this piece and know something about the person who is entombed there.

I wish there was a lengthy philosophical answer to all of your questions- but as you see it was a somewhat simple artistic combination of things that most represent a specific man in life. I am VERY proud of the work and honored to have received this e-mail from you.

I could not wish for more as a designer- what is it that you design? I would love to know. All the best to you and again thank you for your compelling information and interest.

With all best wishes!,


Ok, So there you have it! For all of you who have waited patiently! I wanted to thank everyone again who participated especially EZRIN...

Even though it has gotten a bit "crazy" at times with all the information discovered in the "rabbit hole", I did come out of this learning an unbelievable amount of knowledge... in a "fun" and "entertaining" way!
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