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Subject Could Martial Law be Instituted by TPTB After the Rigged Election in November? Leading to FEMA camps.
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Original Message If you would indulge me for a minute. Take a look at this electoral map. It results in a tie at 269. In this event, the election would be decided by the House. The delegation of representatives from each state, counting for one vote. Its obvious from this map that Romney would win in that event, having won the majority of the states. What if this happened, and Obama won the popular vote? Can you imagine? This country would literally fall apart. Remember 2000. This, would make that, seem like a little tiff. Opposing mobs of angry people, openly clashing in the streets. Just the excuse TPTB would need to implement martial law. Allowing the excuse for FEMA camps. Could explain all of that hollow point ammo DHS ordered. As well as, the NDAA, the new domestic drone program, and the executive order that allows the president to seize all property.

[link to www.270towin.com]
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