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Subject WW3, Olympic 2012 and Dajjal's emergence prophecies in Islam
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Original Message "It has been calculated according to the Qur'an and Hadith that Al-Mahdi has been born alhamdu lillah and is around his thirties currently.
This is because Dajjal already completed his second day out of the forty and just recently shifted to his third day. The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said: Dajjal will stay on Earth for forty days, first day will be like a year, second day like a month and third day like a week and the rest 37 days will be like our days.
Now what that means is according to the Qur'an (surra 22 Hajj, verse 47) says: " And verily, a day with your Lord is as a thousand years of what you reckon." So now, 1 day on the sight of Allah is a 1000 years of ours so here is the calculation:
1day=1000/1=1000 years
1day=1000/12months=83.33 years
1day=1000/52weeks=19.23 years
(365days divide 7= 52weeks)

According to this calculation it was predicted that Dajjal began his secret and deceptive organization carried by his followers (jewish people) in Britain back around 900s to 1917 which was a span of a 1000 years. Thus, Dajjal has completed his 1st day like a year. Dajjal then shifted his power to the United States on 1918 continuing his organization through the United States until 2001 which was a span of 83.33 which resulted in the 9/11 attacks. Thus Dajjal has completed his 2nd day like a month period and now has shifted his organization and power to where, Israel. Dajjal has now entered to his 3rd day like a week period from 9/11/2001 and will last according to the above calculation 19.23 years on which his 3rd day like a week will end on around 2020. It will be round 2020 where Dajjal will actually come to earth physically for the rest of the remaining 37days of ours where humans will actually see him as a human being and will start to rule the world with his deceptive mission.

Sorry, but let's continue on the subject on Al-Mahdi. The prophet(SAW) said: "Dajjal will appear on earth physically 1 year after the Great war of the Army of Mahdi leaded by Mahdi to the conquest of Istanbul. So we know that Mahdi will appear before Dajjal and that Mahdi will rule for 7- 9 years. If Dajjal is going to appear on earth around 2020, then Mahdi will arrive around 2011-2013. Allahu Akbar.
The prophet(SAW) said: "one of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi is the coming of a comet tail near earth lighting up the sky and causing sinking of the coastal areas."
The prophet(SAW) also said: "on the 15th of Ramadan, Friday night there will be a blast that will awaken the asleep, that will make the standing sit, the noble ladies will come out of their seclusion. That year there will be too many earthquakes."

This is the extract from a guy in yahoo answer and many more Muslims in youtube also made this calculation, also on websites.

You see, in 900s GB was ruling the world. After 1918 is when the power from GB empire transferred to America. From 1918, the America was ruling the world with their power until 9/11. GB empire, America is also involved with illuminati too, meaning it was behind Dajjal's plan and satan. So he came out already? Yes but in a different dimension. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also described dajjal in appereance and all sort of thing. In the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Dajjal was still alive, so how could dajjal survive this long years while he is a human being? The answer is this: He lives in a different dimension which time dun affect him much like we are being affected. So he lives in a different dimension, by the time he lives for the fourth day when he comes out, he will live like our days; meaning that his dimension overlaps our dimension, so we can see him physically in a human form.

It's the same as in 1918, when GB was having a war with the Americans. By making a false flag attack (9/11), they have a reason to declare war, thus, the American Govt. will fall and the Israeli Govt. will dominate the world.
By going to the war, they are actually loosing their power, economy for example; printing loads of paper money for weapons, borrowing money results in huge debts etc. It's a way to sacrifice, so that they can transfer the power to another country, for instance: Israel. Everything has been pre-planned by Dajjal himself for his own emergence, Israel will be his controlling tower. From there, he will lure the masses and deviating people's beliefs.

And according to this hadith:
"The time between the great war and the conquest of the city (Constantinople) will be six years, and the Dajjal (Antichrist) will come forth in the seventh."

So, the anti-christ/one-eyed/dajjal/false messiah will come out in the seventh year as what the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said. Therefore, if the Olympics 2012 London will turned out as 'false flag' attack, it will trigger to WW3 then which means in 2013 will be the war that the hadith is talking about. Because 2013+7years=2020. Which means the date of Dajjal/False Messiah/One-eyed man's emergence!!!

So, really if the olympic will be the false flag attack which triggers WW3. Believe the above prophecy because it's true, it has already told truth about the first, second and the third day of Dajjal's year of living. He will officially come out in 2020. We will have WW3 in 2020. There will be a false flag attack in London this 2012 Olympic.

Please guys wake up and ponder about Islam, it's very overwhelming when you research about it. It's just amazing. Hope you all survive WW3 and all this evil plans.

"They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah." -Qur'an 8:30

Allah's plan is greater than these elites worshipping satans , only Allah himself knows the plan.
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