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Subject Illuminati Pays Fake Scientists to Release Misleading Study To Addict and Deceive People into Smoking Mainstream Cigarettes with POISON
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Original Message [link to www.sciencedaily.com]

"Additive-Free Cigarettes May Pack A More Toxic Tobacco Punch"

"Results showed that two minutes after smoking the unfiltered, additive-free American Spirit cigarette or either type of bidi, participants' plasma nicotine levels were significantly higher than when they smoked their own cigarettes. The high nicotine levels lasted longest with the American Spirit cigarette.

Measured levels of exhaled carbon monoxide were less consistent. Researchers measured these levels 15 minutes after participants finished smoking each sample. Exhaled carbon monoxide levels dropped below those of the participants' own cigarette brands 15 minutes after smoking the American Spirit cigarette and the unflavored bidi. The strawberry-flavored bidi, however, left participants exhaling higher amounts of carbon monoxide than with their preferred brands. "

Now read this:

[link to voices.yahoo.com]

"Consider Additive Free Cigarettes When Quitting Smoking"

"The tobacco industry has provided a list of the 409 additives in your cigarette. If the government allows them to be there, they should be safe, right? They should be, but the truth is most of the additives have not been approved for inhalation by burning, a process which changes their makeup. It's important to note that while the additives themselves may not be carcinogenic, upon being burned a cigarette produces over 4000 chemical compounds, of which 60 have been identified as being carcinogenic. It follows common sense that fewer chemicals being altered produce fewer potentially harmful compounds.

American Spirit is also available with organic tobacco, and in the usual filtered, unfiltered and light varieties. Stick to the filtered lights if you are quitting.

To be fair, a study came out in 2003 that said that additive free cigarettes were actually more damaging than conventional cigarettes. The numbers were sobering a little misleading. They compared an unfiltered American Spirit cigarette, two types of traditional Indian cigarettes called bindis, and a smoker's usual brand. The smoker's nicotine levels were tested an hour after smoking each. Not suprisingly, the unfiltered AMerican Spirit cigarete, which contains up to 25% more tobacco because of it's lack of additives, delivered a higher level of nicotine."
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