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Subject The doctors have spoken....tax reform or health reform.
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Original Message here are some articles about what doctors are saying.
what happens if doctors will no longer accept Medicaid....or any other government health polices?

Doctors, especially those operating private practices, said their financial hardship is increasing, making it "harder for them to earn a decent living," according to a new survey of 673 physicians across 29 specialties by MDLinx, a medical reference website for physicians.
[link to money.cnn.com]

doctor's quotes:
"If Obamacare continues, I will leave the field of medicine!," another doctor said

"I feel strongly that we need a single payer to compete with insurance companies. [Still] I think the relative lack of physicians in the decision-making entities is a major problem for fixing health care."

"I support Obamacare completely in theory," one doctor wrote in an anonymous comment in the survey.

MDLinx Doc Survey: 26% Of Small Private Practices Say They Could Close Within A Year
[link to finance.yahoo.com]

if this is true what will healthcare look like in the US?
what...will they just replace the hospital doctors with TSA agents?

i am still looking for the whole survey but here is a short list...

If Obamacare is fully implemented, 83 percent will consider leaving the practice of medicine. Sixty-one percent say it's an affront to their ethics. Eighty-five percent say it destroys the doctor-patient relationship. Sixty-five percent say governmental involvement is the cause of the problems in medical care now. Seventy-two percent say the insurance mandate won't result in improved access to medical care. Seventy-four percent say they'll stop accepting Medicare patients, or leave Medicare altogether. Seventy percent say reducing governmental involvement would be the single best fix for healthcare in this country. The negatives of Obamacare went on and on in the results of the survey

from this article
[link to www.leavenworthtimes.com]

forget the IRS and all their new armed agents.
what happen when doctors leave their profession or worse will longer take insurance as payment.

just imagine life without Private doctors and the care...family care they provide.
everyone must go to a hospital...soon to be a government approved and run medical facility.

ask a vet how there work...like the VA hospitals!

[link to www.jacksonhealthcare.com]

[link to healthcare-coalition.org]
Doctors Oppose ObamaCare According to New Survey
70 percent said ACA would not stem rising healthcare costs
67 percent said ACA would not improve the doctor-patient relationship
66 percent said ACA would give physicians less control over their practice decisions
61 percent said ACA would not improve the quality of healthcare
55 percent said Congress should scrap ACA and start over

and the cover up of doctors opinions has started.
the article above had a link to a survey i read it yesterday....now i went to link it....
here is what i got

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and they spell the word embarrassing wrong as well!
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