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Subject Try The Emotion Code here - release trapped emotions so the body can heal itself.
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Original Message UPDATE 8/24/13

I have discovered it is probably better to let the body release what it wants to - it knows best what is the most bothersome.

So unless you are in a lot of pain from one issue that no body can figure out what is causing it - My sessions will be to ask the body to release what it wants to... That seems to get better results anyway.

Edit: April 2013 I am finally certified thanks to many people here at GLP THANK YOU SO MUCH -
feel free to continue volunteering

reply with name (any name)
and your main issue, either physical or mental/emotional that is affecting your life to some significant degree.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, give me the severity...

thanks so much to all who have already volunteered!

Emotions that we experience can have physical effects on us.
These emotions are actually energies that can become lodged in the body
and are called trapped emotions.

Video of Dr Nelson, who wrote The Emotion Code:

Warning Signs:

Physical pain or disease
Anxiety or depression
Can't find love
Can't feel positive
Can't forget the past
Sabotage relationships
Numb or disconnected
Cry frequently

Getting Rid Of Bad Feelings:
Be aware of feelings
Let negative emotions leave
Realize your own power
Choose positive emotions
Release your old, trapped emotions (with a magnet)

After using kinesiology (muscle testing) to ask if you have any trapped emotions,
Dr. Bradly Nelson runs a magnet along part of the governing
meridian a few times - which allows the body to stop holding onto and
release the trapped emotion.


Dr Nelson, who wrote the book The Emotion Code, believes trapped
emotions count for 90% of pain.

here is the list of emotions he uses:
[link to www.healerslibrary.com]

if you have experienced any emotional trauma in your life,
and who hasn't,
you may want to look into this healing method.
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