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Subject The Leonardo da Vinci LAST SUPPER Code - Cracked!
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Original Message EDIT: This has nothing to do with Dan Brown's da Vinci code.
This is about the 'code', the message that Leonardo da Vinci embedded into his "Last Supper" painting.

This is what he was trying to tell us.

(This 'code' was cracked based upon the years of research by Danny Wilten,
(Starscream on YoutTube, and all credit goes to Danny. He would, sooner or later, have bumped into this himself. )

No way I would have cracked this 'code' without the help of SilentlyKnowing here on GLP. She was the one who connected the whole thing.
To SilentlyKnowing and that fantastic brain of hers, goes most of the credit in cracking this.

For me, the rest just fell easily into place.
Click click click, like a swiss automation!!!

EDIT: Thanks to all those contributed to this thread.

Are you ready for this????rockonrockonrockonrockonrockon

Here's the REAL daVinci code, cracked:>
[link to www.pixhost.org]
and this to help explain:
[link to www.pixhost.org]

EDIT: added one more graphic. 16th July 2012
[link to www.pixhost.org]

You need to read this thread to understand:
Thread: WOW!! - 'Celestial' Nile Discovered!!! This is going to blow your mind!

STARSCREAM, Danny Wilten's YouTube channel:
[link to www.youtube.com]

And this video:
[link to www.youtube.com]

Who'd have guessed it? THE LAST SUPPER is a composite terrain map showing us our connections in the Universe,our beliefs, and the true nature of life around us.

Da Vinci was brilliant!!!

EDIT: Web references to this thread:
[link to transcendentmind.blogspot.in]

Danny Wilten acknowledges:
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is just a note to remind us what
Danny Wilten is doing and what we are seeing
following his videos and articles--and soon
HIS BOOK! (Hurray!! Hurray!!)
Enlightening mankind in the areas of occult science, symbolism, consciousness, alchemy, gnosis, and hidden knowledge with easy to understand material.
My main area of focus revolves around a discovery of old cathedrals across Europe that display infrared depictions of the Orion Nebula. This discovery is a key to understanding our history and no one else is coverying this currently. What does all this mean? Join us and lets put the pieces together!
-Danny Wilten

(Thanks SilentlyKnowing for the above quote)
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