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Subject My 15 pound EDC survival bag with pictures and description. What is in your Bag? (Guns added page 3)
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Original Message I believe everyone should have an EDC/GHB (every day carry/get home bag) bag on or near there person at all times. I have been carrying around some form of backpack with basic gear for about 20 years or so and it has proven a great asset numerous times. The communication, transportation, Medical, police, and power infrastructure we rely on everyday will be the first things that go down in any sort of large emergency scenario. If an emergency happens regardless of how big or small having a few tools and supplies will come in very handy and might just save your life or the lives of others.

In this post I will describe the inventory of my EDC backpack and try to give some description as to why I choose to carry each item. The complete backpack weighs in at around 15 pounds and i have tried to keep it as light and small as possible. I have also picked a normal looking school bag instead of the popular “tactic-cool” Molle covered bags that are just going to draw unwanted attention. If I leave it in the car when I run into a store i want it to blend in an look like every other school bag out there. Stealth is key.

I am not endorsing any brands or saying you need any or all these items. Most of these items can be found cheaply or replaced with anything similar or not carried at all depending on personal preference. This is just a list of stuff that I think could be useful in any type of emergency use. I will try to keep it simple and short

. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask. And I would like to know what is in your bag and why do you carry it?

edc bag
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