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Original Message When Ive gotten back from vacation, Someone passed this onto my email ! Ive been told stories of this message before but finaly Ive gotten to look at it, Its very good news, Reminds me of the PISTIS SOPHIA GNOSTICISM.

Now if they can find the Divine Masculine, flag waver


I have come with an important message to all the Ones of the Path of Light.

You have all heard the stories of the Holy Bloodline of Christ. I tell you in all Truth. This Bloodline Does Exist.
There are many who carry pieces of this DNA and Blood Sequence. But, there is One who carries it in all its entirety

This person is on this Earth at this time of the Shift , and now just awakening themselves. We are now, aligning this Person as we speak, and Awakening them at a rapid pace
The Awakening of this Child, and the knowledge of who they were had taken awhile, for the child has been attacked several times, by doubt, grief, guilt, and also by her own family we put her under for protection. Not understanding the child's gifts,and mistaking it for mental chastisement. The parents put them on medications which we had a very hard time working through.

We eventually was able to reach the persons inner being, and
since the person is now at an adult age has recently been
taken off of the medications, and thus we have begun our work. The Young Adult is female, and is a very bright intelligent being. She carries the gift healing, and also many other dormant gifts that the Master and Teacher and Son of God had on this earth Realm that have
not been awakened or are in the beginning stages of emerging. I give a plea to all, of the Ones in Service who have taken an Oath to Protect the Bloodline

, You all know who you are. I will speak no names. But the Young woman cries out for help, she is lost in the somewhere in the (___) USA, and lives in humble conditions just as her ancestor did. She was born here on earth in Poverty and Humility, and has walked in kindness, love, faith, hope, grace, and mercy all of her life, and now that is awakening is to her true state of consciousness and being.

This child I repeat is frightened and Secretive. We have told her to be this way, until the time came for two things to happen. (1) The Proper Teacher or Mentor, who's destiny it is to teach this Person, steps up. (2) After she is trained and is Strong in her gifts, and is all the way aligned Spiritually and Genetically. Then this Young Woman will begin once again the to walk as Her Ancestor Walked 2000 years ago on this earth.

The other people of this Bloodline, who have the
fragments of the DNA, are equally important. For they are they will form the Council of the New World Order after the Complete Shift,

These people are hidden in many places, such as amongt the Human Angels, the Lightworkers, the Starseeds, and amongst what many people call the otherkin. So, I ask all of you, the time is short the awakening complete. The Woman's teacher must step forward. I call upon that Persons Inner Being Now. Come Forth and Take the Responsibility,

Help Us Heavenly Host, and the God Head Protect Her.

Also, I proclaim just as it was 2000 years ago. Be not afraid, for I bring all of you good new. For now the Divine Feminine had been Born Spirituality, and will help usure in the New Heaven on Earth.

Love, Light, and Unity under the One and Healing and Mercy Be to all who receive this
Message, may you Inner Eyes be opened, and Your Heart Accept this Knowledge. Amen

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