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Subject LAST MINUTE NEW Proofs London Olympics Illuminati False Flag (URGENT)
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"I Space Goat II" by Heliofant is a cinematic which works as predictive programming, which confirms the WTC 9/11 false flag and announces the new 7/27 London false flag.

Its duration has been calculated on purpose : 7min27sec ... as a reference to the London Olympic Ceremony.

The name "HelioFant" is also explicit: Helio ~ Sun ~ Illuminati , Fant ~ Fantaisy ~ fake story ~ Deception ... which gives... HelioFant ~ Illuminati Deception.

"Skyfall", the last James Bond, contains clear references to the London False Flag showing the London tube destroyed in reference to the bombs which will be placed in the London Train.

"Tron Uprising" contains a clear reference to the London Olympic False Flag with a scene about a major moto race in a Stadium which has exactly the same pyramids than the London Olympic stadium, the motos have 5 colors just like the 5 colors of the Olympic Games. And there is a bomb which is put in underground tubes beneath the stadium, when the bomb explodes it makes a mushroom just like the nuclear bombs.... This clearly refers to the nuclear bombs which will be placed in the London Tube and which will make explode the Olympic Park and a part of the London City from below.

Music Clip "Bombs away" by Dawn Richard...the lyrics are quite explicit:

(About to blow)
Boom like an animal
(About to explode)
Nowhere for you to run
(About to let go)
Built like a loaded gun
(About to blow)

The movie "2012" makes a clear reference to the London False Flag, the reference is through "British columbia 2010"... which refers to the Winter Olympics at Vancouver. The canadian region which hosted the 2010 winter olympics is British Columbia. An unusual accident took place at the opening day of the 2010 winter olympics: the death of the luger Kumaritashvili who wore the number 30, refering to the London Olympics which are the 30th olympics...and he died at the "Whistler Sliding Center" refering to "Whistleblower" (which means that there is a hidden message under this). Kumaritashvili died exactly 911 days before the London Olympics Closing Ceremony (12th August 2012).

"Transformers 3: Hidden Dark Side of the Moon" contains a clear reference to 7/27 with a focus on a blue car with the number 27, blue refering to the color of royalty and 27 to 7/27.

"K-Pax" was released in theaters in October 2001, just one month after 9/11, it's a BRITISH-American co-production, and it's produced by Iain Softley, who also produced "Hackers" (1995), a movie which contains many illuminati symbols and a clear reference to the 9/11 false flag (it shows the WTC with written on it "Burn and Crash"). The whole movie K-Pax is around the date July 27. Prot, the lead character is supposed to end his life on earth on July 27 and come back to his planet K-pax at precisely 5:51...which refers to 11, there is 11 years between 2001 and 2012. There is also other references to the London Olympics in this movie.

A mind blowing advertising campaign for a chilean newspapers has been reported on the mailonline, it shows Gaddafi burying alive Mubarak, Amy Winehouse burying alive William and Kate and Steve Jobs burying alive julian Assange... The 3 scenes are in an post apocalyptical period. The message is clear, 3 dead people burying people alive... means that these people are going to be sacrificed. Mubarak has already been put to death, Assange lives in London and will certainly be a victim of the London False Flag...and the Royal family is going to be sacrificed through the London Olympics False Flag.

Amy Winehouse burying Kate and William is a proof of that, she was the last victim of the 27 Club, she died in London at 27 on July which refers to 7/27...she died at exactly 27 years 11 months 9 days, refering to 911...

Other movies contains predictive programming showing that the royal family will be sacrificed such as "Basil the Mouse Detective", "2012" and "Shanghai Knights".

Obama has signed a bill for internet emergency control, he has the switch off/on on the internet in case of any major catastrophe... they are preparing the total blackout on the internet after the London False Flag in order to prevent the people from getting information and in order to brainwash them through the media that they 100% control like TV, they will spread fear and lies until the World War begins and that the modern media will be cut due to the war.

The London "Scipmylo" festival canceld without any reason invoked.

Peres, Wade,Julia Gillard,... Beckham have canceled their trip to the London Olympics at the last moment...invoking non false pretexts such as Peres who says that he cannot respect shabbat if he goes to the London Olympics, while he is not even observant...and even more amazing, Beckham who is the leader of the GB Team, he represents the London Olympics in plenty of commercial and he will not be there!!!!???
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