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Subject My theory about the London Olympics 2012 (satanic ritual to celebrate the new era but no false flag)
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Original Message I have read and watched a lot of youtube videos about the Olympics this year. (best info was from this blog)
[link to truthseeker444.blogspot.gr]

I have concluded that there will be no false flag during the Olympics. Here are the reasons:

1. Although a few celebrities have canceled their attendance, there will still be a ton of important Zionists and other people. The Royal familly will be for example.

2. It is just too obvious (do you know any predicted big false flag?) as millions of people already expect a false flag. We have the illuminati card (the youtube video has millions of views), we have the argentinian prophet who had a drawing about the Olympics as well which are connected with death.
[link to www.youtube.com]

Now, here is what I believe.

This year's Olympics is the greatest satanic ritual ever held. The preparations have been going for months. Did you see the giant Anubis (the Egyptian God of Death) statue that was near Thames river for 9 months?
[link to www.flickr.com]

The Royal Family has been known for a long time that they have a big connection with the Egyptian culture and deities. (which I believe exist and can be invoked just like any other demon)

The ringing of the bell is also part of a satanic ritual (the satanists ring the bell 9 times when they invoke the Demons and I read on a blog that they will ring the bell 9 times at the ceremony)
More info on the blog about this. [link to truthseeker444.blogspot.gr]

Now what are the Evil Elite celebrating? I am sure that they do this ritual to celebrate the coming of the new age. This age will be the age of darkness where war and death will happen on a scale this planet has never seen before.

The Mayan Calendar has the date 1990 to 2012 as the transitional period to tha new era. An era which by coincidence starts right after the Zion Olympics 2012.
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