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Subject I didn't want to believe it.. i just could'nt accept it..but now i found out it's true
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Original Message OLDER Men of any age above 15 can marry 9 year old girls in Iran because the reach puberty at the age of 9
[link to www.youtube.com]

mark 0:23:34

so there you have it...i admit i was wrong for saying it's illegal .. i really thought it was

I'm an Iranian and I am ashamed of this crap happening to Iran letting pedos sleeping around with children.
excuse me for a sec i need to yak

On behalf of all 'sane' Iranians i must say
that i piss on the IRI regime and the rest of its mullahs who ruined Iran and its 2500 year old culture
oh my GOD i'm so mad right now that a vein is going to pop any moment now.. can u even imagine how Iranians who are educated truly think about this??

I swear to you, educated Iranians (muslims) are not like this..the majority hate their own government

please we should all support the opposition Group MEK who are the mortal enemies of Mullahs in Iran..they have killed many many mullahs in their prime time before they were listed as terrorist and then they fully stopped becuz they were accused of assasinating Americans and keeping US citizens as hostage..thankfully it was proven wrong and in a month they will be lifted off from the terrorist list by the US after decades of fighting in court.

if they get delisted, they will resume assassinating mullahs until they liberate Iran.. they are our only hope, not only for Iranians, but for the world as well

NATO doesnt even need to lift a finger on Iran and let the MEK do its job

Largest gathering of Iranian oppostion group in paris over 100,000 people joined WOW

Newt Ginrich speech to the MEK supporters
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