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Subject You ARE psychic! How to use your dream states to receive information about anything you desire
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Original Message Greetings GLP!

First, a question: how many of you have meditated?
The answer: you ALL have. Everyone has- you enter into a state of deep meditation whenever you go to sleep, and the brain wave patterns (oscillating electrical voltage) change from alpha state to delta, and to REM sleep in which dreams take place. [link to science.howstuffworks.com]

Another question: how many of you are able to predict the future?
The answer, again, is ALL of you- within the deep state of meditation experienced during sleep, your mind touches upon a repository of information called the Universal consciousness or Akashic records, the quantum 'vacuum', and known by other names amongst different cultures and belief systems. The mind touches upon this state, this dimension in which time does not exist; the past, present, AND future are available here. Some elements of the future are immutable/unchangeable, others CAN be changed based on precognition and/or each personal, individual choice made prior to the events. Through this state of mind, all things are possible, especially for those able to access this deep state of meditation not only from a sleep state, but from a waking conscious state at WILL- however that's for another post! :) Now i could follow up here with the question "How many of you are PSYCHIC?" but you already know the answer- yes of course you are. What is 'psychic'? What does the term really mean? In a nutshell, to be psychic means to be AWARE, the ultimate state of which is enlightenment, or to be aware of all things.

What if i were to tell you that there is a simple yet effective technique, to have ANY question you wanted, answered? With no need for years of meditation, no consulting psychics, I Ching, astrology, Ouija boards, tarot cards, numerology, crystal ball or other oracle, etc.- just a safe method easily done by any layperson? The answers reside within your dream state. YOU CAN INFLUENCE YOUR DREAMS, and by so doing obtain information about your past, your future, the future of the world, distant places in the Universe- you can retrieve answers about ANY topic you desire!

"Nonsense", you say...? Information has stemmed from dreams that has profoundly influenced modern society and life! The following link: [link to www.brilliantdreams.com] has information on how dreams were the source of inspiration for inventors and writers. This is a drop in the proverbial bucket and by no means a complete list, but check it out! Fascinating stories are told here including:

* A dream inspired Elias Howe to invent the hollow-point needle sewing machine in 1845, helping usher in the industrial revolution
* A dream led Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz to discover the Benzene molecule
* A dream led Madame C.J. Walker to become the first female American self-made millionaire; she founded and built a highly successful African-American cosmetic company that made her a millionaire many times over
* A dream inspired novelist Robert Louis Stevenson to write 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'
* Authors Stephen King and Anne Rice credit dreams as inspiration for some of their work

More recently, Canadian inventor Troy James Hurtubise had a series of dreams from which he developed a fascinating and awesome invention he calls the 'God light' [link to en.wikipedia.org] ... it has been described as a device so profound and perplexing that Laws of Physics are still waiting to be written for it!

Dreams also have predicted major events, both personal and global in nature. Some of you may have had personal experience in dreaming of an event that later came to pass exactly as you had foreseen.

Please bear with me in Cliff's-notes-explanations of what dreams are, and what makes the above possible.

To realize the full potential of the dream state (which again, in actuality is a very deep state of meditation), it is first to understand that as a human being, you have MORE than one body, and more than one MIND. You have a physical body and astral body (and some argue others), and your MIND is mainly comprised of these three aspects:

1) Conscious mind (also called 'waking' or 'rational' mind): the state you are in right now reading this. This state of mind is also called the 'monkey mind' in Buddhism, because like a monkey jumping from branch to branch of a tree, the conscious mind jumps from thought to thought, almost random-access. It is difficult to keep this mind 'clear' from any obfuscating thoughts. To achieve a state of deep meditation, temporarily quieting the conscious/waking mind is the first step.

2) Subconscious mind: the 'overseer' in the normal, waking state

3) Super-subconscious (also called the 'superconscious', 'soul', or 'contemplative' mind): this state of mind is also called the 'elephant mind' in Buddhism; it is strong, slower and more deliberate. The unique aspect of the super-subconscious mind is that it interfaces with all other minds including the Universal Mind (or Universal Consciousness), also called the Akashic records, the repository of all information past, present and future. To achieve enlightenment is to touch upon this at will, but whether you regularly, consciously practice meditation or not, whether you consider yourself psychically 'gifted' or not, your dream state accesses this profound stage of consciousness every night when you go to sleep. This is the beauty of the simple technique i'm about to explain in this post: you don't have to be a Yogi or any kind of spiritual 'guru' living in a temple, practicing austerity and celibacy, fasting, praying and meditating for hours on end... you only have to take a moment just prior to drifting off to sleep at night, to set a specific intention in your mind, for it to yield some amazing results.

The novelist Robert Louis Stevenson described dreams as occurring in "that small theater of the brain which we keep brightly lighted all night long." Indeed it is and psychoanalysts assert that dreams are nothing more than the subconscious expressing itself, the deep human psyche or Ego or 'Id' manifesting itself. This is partly correct in that yes, our desires and thoughts or even events in our waking consciousness during the day manifest themselves through dreams, e.g. if you watch a scary movie just previous to bedtime, you may be the type to have a frightening dream or nightmare that mimics the plot of the movie. Whatever the mind FIXATES on during the day can emerge in some form within dreams... another example of course are that sexual thoughts or fantasies for somebody else can trigger dreams of that same nature (unfortunately, notice you tend to wake up before these actually get good?). ;) At any rate, the thoughts or desires held in the subconscious mind emerge in the dream state.

If this were the EXTENT of dreams- if this was all there is- the Freudian/Pavlovian "shrink's view" of dreams would be correct and that would be that.

But it doesn't stop there. It is clear from premonitions of the future and some of the new discoveries that have been made throughout history, that the stunning insight and information manifested in dreams can have origins far beyond the normal human ken or realm of perception, invalidating the traditional, restrictive Jungian view of the dream state (or in other words- the shrinks don't know everything).

My video explains the technique, and a revelatory dream that happened when i used it:

Think of the technique as a clairvoyant 'shortcut', something simple yet powerful you can use, without having to consciously meditate each day or engage in kundalini Yoga, energy work or a lengthy or difficult self-development path. It is easy yet effective and can yield stunning results. While laying in bed, just previous to drifting off to sleep, say sincerely and out loud: "I set my intention to receive an answer to (insert your question here) in my dreams; I will wake up immediately after with the answer fresh in my memory." You really can use whatever verbiage you want, phrase it however you want- the key here is that you are setting your INTENT or the power of your will, to effect a result. Your focused intent is the most powerful force there is! If you are so inclined, and your spiritual beliefs lean in this direction, you can also call upon Avatars, your spiritual guides, and ascended masters to help reveal the answers to you in your dreams. But it actually matters little for this technique if you have strong religious beliefs, weak religious beliefs, or none at all i.e. atheist/agnostic- again, the statement is setting your INTENT to achieve the result, activating the mind to pursue the answer to your question(s). And it works! It may take two or three nights in a row of saying this 'affirmation' or statement previous to drifting off to sleep, but be patient- the answer you seek will present itself in the form of a special dream that will be meaningful for you. This is an end-manifestation of the technique, an answer to your prayer or setting of your intention. Use this method to look within yourself for the answers to any question!

Dreams have been called 'the language of the soul' and can contain layered messages both literal AND heavily symbolic. Entire books have been written on dream interpretation, so in the interest of time i won't get too far into this here (can be discussed later in the thread). In this state, the soul mind communicates information to the conscious mind, relying on imagery and symbolism to express itself. No dream is 'silly' or meaningless; if a dream were not meaningful to you, you would not have dreamt it.

When you dream, pay close attention to the NAMES of things that you see in the dream; also pay close attention to what people in your dream SAY to you, or words or short phrases 'told' or communicated to you. These words or phrases are what some call 'descriptors'; GLP user 'Psi Guy' calls them this and he has had some amazing, prophetic communication given to him- i don't know if he gets his information from the dream state, but the same communications pathway in the mind is used, regardless of the method.

This communication from the soul mind is filled with symbolism and can even be very 'punny'. Two examples: my own guru tells a story of his younger years and a business partner he had at the time, who was teaching him the finer points of investing, how to invest successfully and be profitable. My own teacher had a short, even somewhat silly dream where he and the business partner were sitting in chairs across from each other, and the other man handed him a bottle of Heinz ketchup! The dream then ended. My teacher thought, 'What was THAT?! What in the world was THAT supposed to mean?' He later told the business partner (also aware of spiritual matters) about the dream, saying "Can you believe that..? You handed me a bottle of ketchup, that was it, what a ridiculous dream..."
The business partner turned to him smiling and said "You don't get it?"
My teacher said "No. Do you?"
"Yes. Think about it- the bottle of ketchup. You don't get it?"
"No, what does it mean?"
"The ketchup! It's a symbol, think about it."
"I can't think of what it means, makes no sense to me."
The business partner flatly told him "I've been investing for years, and am now teaching you how to invest successfully. In terms of business acumen, YOU will CATCH UP (ketchup) to me! Get it??"
My teacher had a 'gotcha!' moment then and there.

Another example:
Using the aforementioned technique, i focused on asking about whether the USA would maintain 'AAA' credit rating financial status, or not. Soon after, i had a short dream in which, in a first-person view, i saw myself pick up a small battery. The dream then ended- it had lasted only moments. At face value it might seem meaningless, but thinking about the SIZE of the battery that i had picked up in the dream, it was a double-A ('AA') sized battery. Again, pay close attention to the DETAILS including the NAMES of things in your dreams. I interpreted it to mean that the USA would be downgraded to double-A credit rating soon, and within 3-4 weeks of the dream, it happened.

One more example, although i did not end up fully interpreting this dream:
Months ago the subject of dream interpretation was brought up in GLP voice chat. A GLP poster talked about a recurring dream (BTW, recurring dreams happen because the superconscious mind really wants to communicate something to you and deems it important, OR it feels you didn't 'get' the lesson, so it repeats the dream over and over) he had where he would walk into a big, white room, and he would see a giant ball of yarn. It was just a huge ball of yarn. IIRC, he said that a person he knew was standing in the room also, not doing anything, just standing idle, alongside this gigantic ball of yarn. The dream then ended. AGAIN, think of the NAMES of things in your dreams. This gentleman saw a ball of YARN. Remember- it's a dream, and things are often symbolic! What are other meanings of the word 'yarn'? Well, a 'yarn' is a tall tale told by a person, a story short on truth and greatly embellished, for example, "He likes to tell a big YARN now and then." This would fit because the YARN he saw in the dream, wasn't just ANY ball of yarn, it was HUGE- a BIG yarn indeed! The dream could have been warning the dreamer, that the person he saw in the room with the ball of yarn, was dishonest, and to take everything the other person says with a grain of salt. Or to be blunt- that the other guy was full of sh_t!

You may wonder why dreams have to be so symbolic? The various individuals described above who came up with ideas for inventions through their dreams, came to the information which presented itself symbolically, e.g. Elias Howe invented the hollow-point needle sewing machine after dreaming of natives pushing and prodding him with spears that had tiny holes in the spear-points. The dream communicated this to him subtly and without explicitly telling him that this had to do with his sewing machine invention; the tiny holes in the spear-points, which he could have easily overlooked had he not been paying close enough attention to detail, symbolized the hollow needlepoints. Why the symbolism..? Why did his soul mind not give him images of himself working on his sewing machine, and fitting it with hollow needles? Why did he not 'hear' the words "Use hollow needlepoints in your sewing machine!" in his dream? Would this not have been more effective? Well yes, it would have, but realize the superconscious mind is bound by a number of constraints, one of which is that it cannot undermine one's own free will and free choice. It can suggest, it can show symbols, it can even intervene in someone's life, but it cannot interFERE, nor can it flat-out TELL or COMMAND the dreamer to do something, because by doing so, it would be violating that Law and compromising the dreamer's own free-will.

It has been established that we ALL dream, it is just that some of us remember those dreams clearly in the conscious, waking mind when we awaken, and others do not. The key here is allowing the body and mind to relax completely and reach a deep state of sleep, and to achieve this, you should be feeling drowsy or sleepy at the time you retire at night. The more deep and refreshing state of sleep, the longer the REM/delta brain wave states, and the more likely one is to have meaningful dreams AND remember them upon awakening. Supplements can be consumed that induce drowsiness such as slippery elm water or tea (BTW slippery elm is excellent for health, and for more than just improving the dream state), or a little warm milk... these coat the stomach, ease tension and help one relax- kava kava can help with this also.

Apart from these, be mindful what you consume late at night; it is wise not to stuff yourself with food (esp. processed food) just previous to bed as it is disruptive to healthy sleep if the body is grinding through its digestive process late at night.

Notice that dreams fade quickly from the conscious mind? The reason for this is that the memory 'pegs' or markers linking the conscious and superconscious minds, dissipate minutes or seconds after awakening. Therefore, it is highly recommended if you practice the preceding technique, to keep a simple dream journal: a small notebook by your bed. You may desire to do this, and quickly write down key points of the dream upon awakening, bullet points if you will, then at the top of the page, write the date, your geographical location (if you're not home), and the dream in its entirety, down to every detail you can remember. Dreams can be meaningful even YEARS after you've had them, and there is always the significant risk of forgetting the dream soon after getting out of bed and going about your daily routine, so definitely record what is given to you with a journal entry.

Hope you enjoyed this foray into the mist or fog of mind that is your mysterious dream state! Practice the above technique focusing on ANY question you wish, and going to sleep can indeed be an adventure. If any of you are up for it, several of us could coordinate by focusing on one question, then subsequently posting and comparing the results! Talk about an interesting experiment... Also if any of you try it, and want some dream interpretation, i'll do what i can to help. Good luck on your upcoming journeys through your own mind, and if you appreciated the above, leave me some karma if you're so inclined. :) Any questions/thoughts are welcome.

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