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Subject August 4th - The Day 2012 Comes Alive - Real Insider Information Indicating First Contact
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Original Message First off, the available public information regarding August 4th.

[link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]

4 crop circles all indicate this date, but why?

And then there is the famous Mr. X interview. The one and ONLY credible interview done by Camelot. Which soon after was flooded with disinfo agents. After giving the interview Mr X. was taken out for breaking his oath. He conveniently died at the age of 48 for giving us this information.

[link to the-tap.blogspot.com]

EXTRACT from interview

Bill Reilly (Camelot): Was there anything that you read at that time in the 1980s that pertained to what then was in the future?

X: Yes. There was talk about them, what was described as a mass landing, in 2012 at the end of the year.

B: At the end of 2012?

X: A mass landing.

B: And that was a date that you read in the documentation?

Kelly Cassidy (Camelot): And was that going to be something that the aliens were telling the Americans was going to happen? Or was it

X: Well, they were telling them it was going to happen regardless of whether they wanted it to or not.

K: And was there a reason why they were choosing that year?

X: For a long time, I just think there were a lot of civilizations that were on this planet, maybe still are, but some that were and are not any more, that knew of that day and why it was so important.

B: So there's a sense of an inevitable future

X: Yes.

B... that will be approaching.

X: Yes.

B: And this is documented. And right now we're not very many years away from there.

X: No, we're not. [chuckles]


And then come my personal piece of the puzzle. I family contact who works for a 3 letter intelligence agency, that specialized in signal processing (you can figure it out surely) told me 3 months ago to watch August 4th. Even suggested I take off of work that day. He said his agency has been preparing for months for what is about to occur. There is even some two way communication going on between the upper echelons of the intelligence community and those who will be making a first time public visit. They want to make sure (even though we pose no threat) that we don't have some crazy military types trying to shoot them down.

He said both sides are preparing as to have the least amount of impact or harm for this special occasion. All precautions will be taken so there is not mass panic.

I asked him for more specifics but that's all he would say. He made one last comment before I left his home that day. He said prepare to live through the most amazing day in the history of the world.

I mauled over posting this stuff. I have a few more specifics, but with all due respect to my insider, I can't post it.

So I've already taken the day off. I'm ready for the show.

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